Well Said and Done President Carmona

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President Carmona , Trinidad and Tobago
"We are impressed by his first utterances in office, especially his calling on all the citizens, to be accountable to this wonderful country. Too often, we in this region, leave everything on the door step of those whom we elect to govern us. However, as President Carmona said, both those who govern and those who are governed should demand of each other, the highest levels of accountability." Mahogany Coconut 3/19/13

President Carmona of Trinidad and Tobago will learn very quickly that those who cheer you in the morning can jeer you in the evening. By calling on the need for higher standards  in the Trinidad and Tobago parliament and chastising the members of parliament for the poor level of debate, he would have no doubt, mashed a few corns and crashed a few egos.

However, his most decisive act to date, was revoking the appointment of four senators and replacing them with his own choices. This went against the traditional actions of past presidents, who on assuming office, usually allowed senators appointed by their predecessors to remain in office. He is obviously sending the message, that he intends to be president on his own terms and will follow the constitution in the execution of his duties without  looking over his shoulder, for agreement by politicians and their minions.

President Carmona's approach should be welcomed by all Trinidadians and Caribbean citizens, who want to see proper governance in our region. Too often prestigious positions  are given to those , who have served their political masters and parties and they proceed to use such offices, for nothing more, than social climbing and high end entertainment.

As we watch the ascendancy of Jack Warner and his money centered brand of politics; the Panday belief that politics has its own morality; the embarrassment in the form of the current Prime Minister and the inability of the opposition to bring a truly alternative message, we are at least impressed that the President of Trinidad and Tobago is proving to be the breath of fresh air needed in Trinidad and Tobago at this time.

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