Seek Peace

We present and encourage progressive Caribbean views of Caribbean and world affairs.

 Tomorrow Saturday 21st. is International Peace day, which has been celebrated since 1982 by way of an United Nations resolution passed in 1981.
The Mahogany Coconut Group is fundamentally opposed to war and settling conflicts by acts of aggression. We therefore promote non-violence because we strongly believe that violence breeds violence and leads to the loss of innocent lives.  We cannot support senseless and brutal destruction of people and then casually refer to them as collateral damage.
We therefore call on all peace loving people and countries throughout the world, to end arms conflict and to settle differences by diplomacy and mutual compromise.  As we look around the world, there are too many children, suffering from lack of proper nutrition. Millions of people are unemployed and in dire need of housing, education and health services. The billions of dollars spent on war and the anticipation of war should be spent on improving the human condition and closing the widening gap between the rich and poor.
From a broader holistic and philosophical position, we are forever aware that peace does not mean that war is absent. We have conflicts between children and parents; wars that destroy our environment; wars in terms of violence against women and crimes against children and wars directed against minorities , homosexuals and other groups. These wars and conflicts are on the battlefields of our societies and neighborhoods. We must also fight against such wars, conflicts and atrocities. 
We call on all Caribbean governments to desist from choosing sides in times of war, acts of aggression, and terrorism. We insist that our governments urge that nations engaged in violence, however justified they feel in their cause,  return to what is known as the peace table.
We will continue to demand that the Caribbean remains a Zone of Peace.

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