Caribbean Year Closes

                                                   The Caribbean Is One Nation.
Flags of The Caribbean Nations

We  extend greetings to all those who contribute and are keeping democracy alive throughout the Caribbean. The MCG is not, as we have said on many occasions, interested in “I told you so…” pontifications.
However, we are extremely proud that we have been in the forefront of several issues : violence against women, children and the elderly; exposing the incestuous and visionless political parties in the region; finally getting others to recognize that there can be no sustainable development without a reformed approach to education; defending the right to freedom of expression;exposing the complicit role that major corporations such as Neal and Massey ,and other mega corporate groups have played, in wrecking regional economies and we have continued to maintain  that the Caribbean is one Nation .
     Another year comes to a close, with the same players offering the same solutions, and expecting different   results. The simple truth is that those who cut their teeth on old and irrelevant teachings sand economics theories, and who have not contributed anything to modern economic models and governance, are essentially ill equipped to save the region from the present malaise. We may seem harsh on them but they have not demonstrated any capacity to get our regional economies moving in positive directions.
Fraudulent intellectuals must be exposed and, there must be a persistent and relentless assault on their blatant dishonesty and how they sing for their political supper. They are masquerading throughout the region and earning millions of dollars advising the corporate elite on how to fine tune their exploitation of the region, its people and resources. There are economists who are advising the corporate elite and political parties on how to exploit the masses of the Caribbean.
MCG will continue to support those causes which are designed to create the new Caribbean Nation. We have no interest in joining those who believe that changing governments /parties means solving our regional problems. We therefore hope that progressive citizens of the Caribbean will continue to project our region as a zone of peace and dedicate themselves to: proper governance, the elimination of poverty and the eradication of violence against our women, children and the elderly. We call on them to keep moving forward even at the expense of victimization because of their progressive principles.
We therefore thank all those who have supported our blog and all the other causes with which we are currently engaged. The battle is far from over but with positive, genuine commitment, victory is always ahead.
All the best to in 2014.

The Mahogany Coconut Group.

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