Climate Change and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia

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Climate Change and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia

by  Pachamama

The recent devastating and unusual weather in the Eastern Caribbean represents the latest manifestations of the effects of human induced climatic disruptions that will only get worse. It should be fairly clear by now that these new normal weather events, in scale and scope, are equal opportunity harbingers of dangers which will leave few on earth unharmed.

We have had extreme weather events from places like New York, the Philippines, Iran, England, China, Russia, Turkey and most world countries. Whether earthquakes, unusual flooding, hurricanes, tropical storms, hail storms, snow storms, tornadoes, cyclones, or droughts, Pachamama seems determined to correct a human imposed environmental imbalance, like she has done several time before. We must avoid this great ‘shaking off’. For her actions are most likely to be felt by small, resource poor, island states which are seemingly on their own in confronting her massive power.

In this regard, Pachamama seems to have no notion about a democratic or equitable distribution of pain and suffering. For anecdotally, she seem to inflict her flurry on developing countries, disproportionately. Countries like Tuvalu, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia and Thailand. Countries that had little to do with the massive and increasing postindustrial emissions of greenhouse gases. Small island states have  benefited  little from this most recent phase of human activity which Westerners like to call ‘civilization’ as given us by the British.  

The Western powers at the recent COP19 meeting continued to evade their responsibilities for creating the threat to all living things. They continue to disregards old target they agreed to, make new demands from lower emitters, demand that developing country carry a disproportionate burden for Western emissions and renew their refusal to provide resources to ameliorate the effects of climate change as caused by their actions. The targets set over the last 20 years have all been exceeded. We are now pass the 450 parts per million which the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) had laid down as a tipping point. Yet the Western economic model remains addicted to fossil fuels. While shielding their oil and gas companies from a proper international scrutiny, these extractive industries are indeed expanding operations into new revenue streams, such as fracking, despite inherent dangers, current and as built up since the Industrial Revolution.

As if these challenges to human existence were not enough, the ‘developed’ world has recklessly lurched into more generalized and self-destructive  behaviors . Pachamama has been made to watch as ‘humans’ invest more tens of billions of dollars to upgrade nuclear arsenals; attempt to control whether (chemtrails) as an instrument of war; employ genetically modified organisms (GMO) in a frontal assault on nature; enabled the progress of desertification; poison the waters of the world; through ice cap melting, released billions of tonnes of gases into the atmosphere and genetically polluted all living creatures.

The innocent of world is left to pay with their lives for the sins of a few global oil and gas companies. Companies that have inordinate control over the political masters we elect. This control prevents media, for example, from connecting the disasters in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia to the revenue streams of Mobil, Shell, the Simpson Motors group, Chevron, Exxon or the Russian state-owned company, Gazprom. These criminal and interlocking relationships were clearly seen during the handling of the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico, as caused by Mobil, by a feckless and uncaring Obama administration.

On the personal, we have had some of our most pleasant moments in the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, over many years. Our hearts and pocket books should, at this time, be opened to correct a problem that we have caused. Not only in Saint Vincent but in Saint Lucia as well. On the geo-political level, we are again calling on the people who benefited from the slave trade, in these islands. The same people who now benefit from the destruction of mother earth through their extractive industries for an exercise fairness. We are demanding that they bow to the unlimited power of Pachamama and do justice to the people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia, and to do so today.

Pachamama is a social commentaor.      

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