Dr. Anthony Blasts Regions Leaders Again

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
                                                                 Dr. Anthony Blasts Regions Leaders Again

Dr. Kenny Anthony

“I cannot say that this has been the best ever meeting of CARICOM in recent times. I think there was too much recycling. Recycling just not of items, not just of issues but I get the impression that sometimes there is a lack of will to really implement decisions we have made about how we ourselves will organize , the meetings, (and)  manage the meetings of the heads of governments. ”
Dr. Kenny Anthony, St. Lucia’s Prime Minister, commenting on the recently concluded CARICOM heads of governments meeting in Antigua.
We note that this is the second time in recent months, which Dr. Anthony has been very candid about how he feels in relation to what is presently passing for leadership in CARICOM. On that occasion, we welcomed his comments but unfortunately they did not even cause a whimper in regional circles. We are convinced that his honest feelings about himself and his fellow leaders will suffer a similar fate.
The leaders in the Caribbean are no longer interested in frank and open discussion about the problems affecting the region. They are more concerned about keeping their little serfdoms together and enjoying all the pleasures and profits that come from managing these relatively economically impoverished islands.
The Mahogany Coconut Group is often mild and gracious when analyzing our inept leadership. After all, we do not enjoy washing dirty linen in public because we are aware that this blog is read throughout the world. However we must be “brutally frank” in our assessment that CARICOM is not really solving any major regional problems at this present time.
CARICOM leaders, buttressed by a lazy and non-productive band of intellectuals, have succeeded in increasing the cynicism that many Caribbean citizens feel toward their individual leaders. Dr. Anthony is therefore correct in concluding that we often fail to implement measures speedily and too many decisions, in the region’s interest end up in the famous File 13. In other words, we are suffering from a lack of progressive ideas and also the well known implementation deficit.

While we support Dr. Anthony, it is obvious that he cannot sit on the fence much longer but must now launch a full assault on his fellow leaders by keeping up the pressure on them to better serve the region. Dr. Anthony himself will not escape our scrutiny and we must remind him that it is impossible to be in the bed with dogs and don’t attract fleas. Although in these days of high technology there are some rather modern flea collars. Perhaps, Dr. Anthony wears one. We shall see!
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