World Soccer 2014 - It's Anybody's Cup

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                                                  World Soccer 2014 - It's Anybody's Cup

                            By Pachamama
As we leave the round of sixteen (16) and move to the final eight (8) it is fairly clear that the homogenization of soccer culture has left the leading teams nearly equal. There has been few results with margins of more than three (3) goals. Indeed most matches, even in the preliminaries, were closer than was expected by most commentators. 

As we enter the final eight, France vs Germany; Brazil vs Colombia; Argentina vs Belgium; Netherlands vs Costa Rica; we may indeed have unexpected semi-finalists and finalists. Certainly, Belgium, Colombia and Costa Rica have not threatened to go all the way in recent years or even before. While the others have more pedigree, if you will. Brazil has only shown fleeting displays of the brilliance expected. Germany has been, as usual, workmanlike and strong in defense, but unconvincing so far. They have been in this position before. Lionel Messi has shown up at critical times to secure a top quarterfinals spot for Argentina but he has not been the magician we expected and the rest of his team are just above par. 

We see Belgium and the Netherlands, on their day, on par with the average displays of France, Brazil, Germany and Argentina. This normalization of standards leaves this world cup of soccer 2014 opened to, maybe, a Cinderella team. Maybe Colombia or Costa Rica if they can continue to surprise us with ball play. Colombia has drawn their last four (4) games with Brazil. The display of Costa Rica should give inspiration to small island states everywhere and may alter the algebra of control of world soccer. 

Even money, may however find a safe harbour with the teams from Europe and South America which have won in the past. The world cup has always been a competition between the Europeans and the South Americans. The odds maybe better for a former winner to win, again. For the home country to somehow prevail. For a South American country to triumph on home soil. But our instincts are guiding us to a result which would represent a departure from form. Could we be right? Could an underdog really topple the gods and hoist the World Cup of Soccer 2014? Time will tell. 

Who ever wins let us at least hope that the quarters, semis and final would be more creative, less defensive and more spectator friendly than the incessant wars of attrition displayed on screens for the past fortnight and more.   

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