Palestine, Oh Palestine!

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                                                                               Palestine, Oh Palestine!

By Pachamama

The Zionist regime in Palestine only started to emerge after the 1880's (AD). And despite the lies told by the Christian Bible, there was never a geographical location anywhere on earth called Israel, never! During the 1890's the discourse for a Jewish nation state continued to receive popular support in public narratives. After World War One that discourse, with the help of the allied powers, had reached its ascendancy. We then had the Balfour Declaration (1917), the secret Franco-Anglo-Russo, Sykes-Pico Agreement (1916) as the relative winners of WW1 had displaced the Ottoman Empire and now had designs, largely for the petroleum resources, on Western Asia now known as the Middle East and North Africa regions. So the proposed state of Israel was seen as a beachhead for Western oil and capitalist interests.  

So Israel, in Western eyes, was merely a cat's paw for imperialism. Of course, it helped to have this project marketed within the invisibility of biblical writings even when most of its founders were staunchly atheist. Even today, most so-called Jewish people are non-religious. This Zionist project for occupation continued with the Nakba of 1948, the 1967 war, the 1973 war and a series of interventions since. Within the last five years there have been three separate and distinct large-scale slaughters of the Palestinians by the marauding Zionist regime.     

Any talk, by anyone, that there was some historic place known as Israel is patently false! Any suggestions that some god somewhere in the sky is some real estate agent with an ability to bestow one peoples' land to another is the type of propaganda that Goebbels would envy – the bible. This propaganda of biblical proportions was deftly deployed by the Rothschild in setting up the colonial, fictitious, settler entity, of an apartheid state which now calls itself Israel.  

And the histories of this period are clear. Historical Palestine was peopled by indigenous Palestinians. Yes, there were small numbers of Jewish people living there like there are small numbers living in all Arab countries still. So this notion that some god could give somebody a right to commit genocide against the Palestinians to supposedly occupy a land without a people by a people who never had a land is a monstrous untruth. And this Christian god has to be told this! And decent Jews are well aware of this. The Neturei Karta, a Jewish sect which is fundamentally opposed to the establishment of a Jewish state teaches that the Judaic tradition, properly interpreted, relies on the return of a 'messiah' as a condition precedent to the setting up of god's kingdom on earth.  

The dispensationalists, warmongering Christians, especially in the USA, but with their Black lackeys, sheeple, in the Caribbean and Africa, are trying their utmost to create the conditions for a nuclear holocaust that will hasten the arrival of their Jesus. In their machinations millions of Jews and others will die but for them no price is too high to make Jesus return when they want him to. In all this madness somehow the Jews are to forget their religion and become Christians. This is like asking a son to be the father of his father. What madness! In their minds there is to be a mad rush for conversion if they want to 'be caught up', in this madness. So these  Christian dogs of war, in the West, are the god of their own god. And these are the conditions which these rabid, rancid, evangelical, criminals Christians are creating. Not only in Palestine but in the wider Middle East. What foolishness! 

These forces are conspiring to breakup all the nation states in the Middle East so that the Zionist regime will have no challengers. Divide and rule. We are saying that the invasions resulting from the September 11, 2001 false flag or national security event , the prior plans to invade a number of ME countries and the current Western sponsored Takfari terrorist-imposed civil wars are all connected to the Western 'christian crusade' to force the return of Jesus. To these criminal Christians it matters not that 30% percent of Palestinians are themselves Christians. It matters not, that for every Israeli killed by the crude missile technology of the resistance groups, hundreds of Palestinian women, children and elderly have died in this latest onslaught on the world's largest open air prison (Gaza). Gaza an enclave under a brutal Zionist occupation. A population which is to have no means whatsoever of self defense. Whose children routinely, are made to starve by these Zionists. Whose harbours can never be opened to trade. Whose electrical generation plants can never provide electricity for more than a few hours daily. Whose sewer systems have been bombed by Israel repeatedly. Whose scarce water resources are stolen by Israel or made not potable. And these are the people Christian are still telling lies about them being the chosen people of a god. Is this a people anyone should trust to write a sacred book. Maybe, just maybe, Adolf Hitler knew something that we are yet to learn. The Zionist, in the name of world Jewry are doing the same kinds of things to the Palestinians that Hitler did to European Jews and others. 

And we have Obama who pretends to challenge Netanyahu but this is a mere trick. The same Braggart Obama you boosted about giving the regime in Tel Aviv all types of illegal weapons, including DIME, to use on civilian populations. These are war crimes. Israel has been the most lawless entity this world has ever seen. We call for its total destruction by any means necessary. But to cut off the head of this serpent we have to first kill the support mechanisms. For in the end it is an artificially constructed entity which could not last a week without Western support. Some have tried with South African Apartheid era BDS (boycott divestment and sanctions) initiatives but Israel is worst than  South Africa, by far. South Africa never bombed its bantustands, repeatedly, with the latest military hardware, supplied by the United States, over 65 years.  

And it takes little to influence Netanyahu or any other Israeli PM to slaughter Palestinians in their numbers. This time Netanyahu was ready to use the excuse that 3 Zionist settlers were killed by Hamas. Despite the repeated denials from Hamas, the West Bank was invaded by larger numbers of soldiers seeking revenge. Western media were as usual sympathetic to the Zionist narrative. But when these same soldiers killed a young Palestinian boy and were captured on film beating others nearly to death there was not even a mention. While all along the West knew that Netanyahu's motivation was the political unity as recently agreed to by Fatah and Hamas. A political unity that was accepted by the EU and the Americans themselves. Peace is the most dangerous thing for the Zionist, war gives them meaning.  

This Zionist project has led the world to a heightened and prolonged state of war and unless we can find a way out of this calculus nuclear weapons will be used to settle scores. The Zionist already have hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons and are unlikely to hesitate to use them. But their Christian supporters are undaunted by this specter. It can't be that we are to wait on some intervention from the sky or to rest on magical thinking. Has this ever helped us before, verifiably?  Already we have become more and more used to, tolerating, the use of battlefield nuclear bombs in conventional warfare.

Pachamama is a social commentator                       


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