Dreadful Summer Ends in Cricket Shame

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
                  Dreadful Summer Ends in Cricket Shame

The long dreadful summer for the Caribbean, culminated with the embarrassing and almost total collapse of West Indies cricket, with the withdrawal of the team from the tour to India. We say withdrawal but it was more an abandonment because of conflict between the West Indies Cricket Board and the West Indies Players Association.
Cricket, our last bastion of Caribbean unity, has now been thrown into the same cesspool, of inept leadership, that has successfully hijacked and wrecked the political management class. It is now crystal clear, that unless new leadership springs up throughout the region, we will be, in cricketing terms, caught down the wicket, with no chance of getting back in the crease!
We have previously warned that the region’s power players are parasitical and would do untold damage to the image of our islands.  The WICBC is a government unto itself and it has historically treated our cricketers with the same: dismissive, arrogant, take-it or leave-it attitude that characterizes many of the governments with which our region is currently saddled.
No time will be wasted here, to recount the shameful failures of the Board; it has succeeded in exposing its sterility for the entire world to see. It was therefore a summer that witnessed not only this embarrassing spectacle but from all accounts our economies are heading to deepening turmoil. With its cricketing leaders ; its political leaders and leadership in almost all other sectors failing to inspire us to greater heights, we must sadly conclude , it is was a summer we would all wish to forget.

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