Indo- Barbadians More Visible

The Caribbean Is One Nation.                                    
                                                                            Indo- Barbadians More Visible

 Indo Barbadians at function with Minister of
Education Ronald Jones.
The recent furor on the island of Barbados regarding the establishment of a Muslim residential community and mosque in a suburban area , has not caught us by surprise , taking into consideration  the knee-jerk reactions to issues and the ability to ignore trends until there are firmly entrenched. And then pretending they were nonexistent.
It should have been glaringly evident to astute social commentators and others with more than a passing interest in sociological affairs, that sooner rather than later, the Indo -Barbadian Muslim community, would want to  display a more prominent presence on the island.
Apparently, there are many Barbadians who believed that the Indo population would have wanted to forever remain in the environs of the capital city of Bridgetown, in what may be considered rather modest dwellings. However keen observers would have noted that they have been exiting their city base for some time and their financial strength guarantees that they can purchase considerable portions of real estate wherever they desire.
 Such a development would have been nerve racking for those who continue to see the Indo- Barbadians as itinerant traders selling their wares on foot ,motorcycle and then cars, we urge them to see the bigger picture: those days are  for nostalgia , the  Indo- Barbadian population has moved on to other areas such as manufacturing, tourism and the professions. While they still maintain a base in retailing, their economic empire has evolved into all areas of economic activity.
They have built up an economic base that cannot now be denied or easily eroded and for the most part they have been good citizens of their country. Society must now accept that the Indians are as Barbadian as all the other Barbadians are and that it is their constitutional right to legally construct communities and places of worship once permission is granted by the relevant state authorities.
And to be honest , the Indians leaving the environs of Bridgetown for the heights and terraces can be seen in the same light as the Afro Barbadians who have left the villages , roads and gaps to live in the style to which their status demands in the gated communities and the same heights and terraces.
However, we urge the Indo-Barbadians to always ensure that they avoid any acts of discrimination toward others as they continue to broaden their cultural, financial, real estate or any other area. Black Barbadians will have every right to question any known such discrimination/ activity the same way they have from time to time question white Barbadians. 

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