Ebola Testing Region's Limited Resources

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                                                           Ebola Testing Region's Limited Resources

There is no doubt that Caribbean leaders are worried about the Ebola  virus  although the virus has not turned up in the Caribbean , the mere thought of any case reaching the region must be both politically and economically worrying for the regions’ leaders.
 Already stretched health services are now being tested to the limit because of the need to design a response should Ebola ever reach the region. The fact that many of these economies depend on the tourist industry, guarantees an increase in the worry index and concerns. Added to these concerns is the lingering chikungunya outbreak that is now being battled throughout the region. While the chikungunya causes severe discomfort it has not caused the problems that any single case of Ebola may create.
 Our region simply does not have the resources to combat an Ebola outbreak; even the great America has apparently fumbled in its efforts to deal with the problem. Fortunately for America, it has the resources to correct any blunders very quickly. Our region’s health issues have been increasing thereby putting more pressure on the economies of individual states. Developments such as Ebola magnify our limited resources in a very brutal way and we are obviously jolted into a scary reality.
However, regional governments must be given for credit for trying their best to put measures in place, in the event that they have to confront Ebola. We are convinced that we have health personnel who are competent to professionally respond to the threat and with assistance from international bodies such as the World Health Organization, would be in a position to effectively deal with any crisis that may arise.

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