Oh Hell No, Mr Trudeau !

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
Justin Trudeau
"But something is missing from this cabinet, from this reflection of the Canada of 2015. There are no people that look like me or my children or my grandchildren, despite there being at least six Liberal caucus members with Caribbean and African immigrant backgrounds. Once again, blacks and blackness are invisible.
It is as if there is no black in Canada. Maybe despite all its diversity Canada in 2015 is still a white man’s country, where as in time of old all eligible and desirable non-whites and males have been co-opted into whiteness. Just like the Italians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Afghans, etc. that are now all white Canadians. Diversity through assimilation. And as has always been the case, the one unassimilable group – primary because of the colour of skin and the historic outsider status – is blacks. And this is at a time when south of the border there is a black president. Maybe it is true that Canadian and U.S. cultures and politics are fundamentally different."  Cecil Foster, Caribbean Author, based in Canada.

The new prime minister of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau, has looked at all of the blacks in his country and could not find one to place in his cabinet. We are not suggesting that color should be the only criteria for such high office but in the vernacular of the young, we say to Mr. Trudeau: pleeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!!
We are not that naive to believe that this reckless act on the part of Canada’s new hope is by accident. After all, the mighty United States of America, has found a black man to be president and Commander in Chief, while its closest neighbor, cannot find one to be a cabinet member. Does Trudeau really think that black people are that stupid?
And Trudeau cannot feign ignorance, or pretend that he is not aware of the backlash this unimaginable insult to black Canadians would cause. We at MCG take this most personally because the thousands of black Caribbean men and women, who have made sterling contributions to their adopted country, must be in a state of shock, over his blatant act of insensitivity..
We are therefore in complete and unapologetic support of the position taken by Bishop Peter Fenty, Canada’s first Black Bishop, who is from the Caribbean, that the prime minister of Canada has done a grievous injustice to Canadian black people. Amazingly, the same Trudeau has found prominent places in his administration for other ethnic groups. 
We hope that he visits his father's archives, and rediscover why his father was so popular in the Caribbean. We do not think that young Trudeau, could have been so unfortunate, to have escaped his entire political DNA.

All we can say to him today and until he man up and correct this atrocity is: Oh Hell No, Mr. Trudeau!
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