In academic circles the last hundred years or so are generally considered as the period where the British and the Americans almost exclusively ruled more than the ‘western’ world. But where does real power lie? Is it in the hands of the known political elites? Or is it in the hands of the economic elites? Is there no discernible difference between the economic and political elites? What do we call a system where the political, economic and military elites are the same people representing the same interests?  Why are maximum and irrational efforts made by the so-called political leaders to ensure that all governments comply with the given notions about global governance – the so-called international community? Are there viable and competing models to structure global governance and where are they likely to lead us? Should we even trust the given notions for global governance? Is the Westphalian bifurcation of 1648 still determining the course of geo-political events? Most importantly, are the so-called leaders merely front men/women controlled by a narrow cabal from within the very elites? Who are the beneficiaries of the central narratives they present? We will make the overarching judgment that the behaviors of so-called political and economic leaders often serve larger and sometime hidden agendas that are often inconsistent with the mouthings aired during the marketing campaigns that pass as effective electioneering, where there are elections, and that these forces have always been antithetical to the interests of the masses. The very masses which can be depended upon to routinely act against their own best interests.        
It has become clear that the known process for the ‘selection’ of Barak Obama had no relationship with the promises made by him to the people in the public relation event before the presidential ‘selection’ of 2008. We consider that Obama never had any intention of honoring those promises because they were inconsistent with the positions held by his long-time handlers and the interest of the then unknown forces which made him president in the first place. In fact, Obama could not wait to jettison most of his popular constituencies the same way he distanced Dr. Jeremiah Wright his longtime preacher and friend. As a matter of course he immediately distanced himself from students, blacks, unions and all the other popular constituencies for the comfort of the presidential bubble. Within this protective environment, Obama could better serve the interests of his masters the bankers and other global elites – interests that are diametrically opposed to those of the masses of people. As a tool for domination at home and abroad Obama’s policies are merely the continuations of those of George W Bush, in most cases, and in other cases much worse than the fascist regime of Bush. Indeed not since John F Kennedy has the USA seen a president who cared, in the slightest, about the American people. The current Republicans contenders conclude the act of characters vying to serve the same oligarchic interests in an even more effective manner. Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrick and Rick Perry are barely able to give the pretense that they aim is to serve the wider population. Instead, as actors in this dangerous national political pantomime which is strikingly similar to the pathology of a rapidly declining Roman Empire, go out of their way to display a brutish thugishness, particularly in relation to other non-European countries, that may be music to the ears of Obama’s masters. It is among these overlords that the final decision could be made as to who may best protect their vested interest. It will be that ‘person’ who will win the next election because American elections are, in the final analysis, about convincing the puppet masters. The masses merely serve as a backdrop to the real event.   Let’s look at the case of United States relationship with Haiti under Obama as evidence of a unique example of moral ambivalence about poor people.
The Obama presidency appointed Bill Clinton as Viceroy of Haiti. As Viceroy Clinton assumes the power to then appoint the Prime Minister of Haiti and then surrounds this illegitimate Prime Minister with a coterie of American advisors. Gary Conille is himself a creature of the United States. America’s own choice for President of Haiti was Sweet Mickey. Candidate Michel ‘Sweet Mickey’ Martelly was among a group of political contenders that had withdrawn from the contest, before the completion of counting, citing voting irregularities. Then an American operative within the Haitian electoral system called and told him that he was leading the vote count and asked him ‘what are you doing?’ Sweet Mickey quickly abandoned his colleagues and withdrew his objections to the election. So we have Obama selected to run ‘the free world’ and then the Obama administration constructing the government of Haiti in the image of the USA. Could it be that these orders from Obama were indeed the orders given Obama by his own masters in turn? And what are the interests of these unelected forces that directly control Obama? And then we have Obama using a variety of so-called international organization to control almost all the rest of the countries in the world. Is it an accident of history that Haiti, the first slave colony to win its freedom over two hundred years ago, was never to be forgotten for what these forces may see as an unforgivable embarrassment dealt them so many years ago? Should France and the USA not repay the billions in reparations Haiti had to pay Paris for over a hundred years? Who benefits from a Haitian political system that makes it impossible for the ‘elected’ leader to help the masses of the Haitian people? Why is it that Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Gary Conille and their entourage have more effective power in Haiti than a titular President? Why was it necessary to remove Bertram Aristide and his Fanmi Lavalas party from power twice by way of coups under this very tyrant Bill Clinton, then by the war criminal George Bush and now marginalized by the war criminal Obama?
Again, we have an American President groomed, protected and selected by powerful global interests. He then leaves no doubt whose interests will be served by him. In the case of Haiti this selected President then elevates the former President Clinton as Viceroy of Haiti. The Obama intelligence apparatus, following the CIA Playbook, then rigs the attempt at a United Nations (UN) sponsored election to make Sweet Mickey – President of Haiti. Clinton is given full control of the resources to rebuild Haiti and selects a Prime Minister and his key advisors. Haiti is widely considered as the poorest nation-state in the Western Hemisphere - there are no significant oil or other natural resources. American capital has never shown a propensity to care about poor people, even within its own borders, to want to improve their condition in the absence of a hidden agenda. So what is Clinton doing in Haiti and why is he controlling all the reconstruction money? Could it have anything to do with a desire of the real masters of the universe to totally control the globe? What is the relationship between how the front man who heads the US government deals with a Caribbean country like Haiti and the way he deals with a government like the Islamic Republic of Iran? And why, if America is in a serious economic-political crisis this insatiable desire to control the world remains unremitting in its brutality? What forces direct these events?
In the case of Barbados a popular political pollster was recently outed as an informant for the USA intelligence agency in the Bridgetown consular offices that serve much of the Eastern Caribbean. Barbados is not known to be at war with the USA. It does not generally work against what the US deems as its interests. Barbados does not have close relations with those who are disliked by the USA. But still, a technician close to many Caribbean governments could be use by the Obama administration in the conduct of activities inconsistent with the status of the American ambassador. It is doubtful that the information gleamed would not have been provided without cloak and dagger intelligence intrigues as conducted by the American ambassador, in person. Why would an American ambassador anywhere, want to harm relations with a friendly country in the gathering of routing information in a non-strategic region? It is an open secret that American embassies everywhere also serve as intelligence gathering stations. For Venezuela and 32 other Caribbean and ‘Latin’ American countries to form a sub-regional group CELAC that excludes the USA and Canada would on the surface be innocuous until it happens coincident to the arrival of an American aircraft carrier in Caribbean waters. An action that is interpreted in diplomatic circles as an covert/overt threat to the countries involved and aimed at  coercing them to distance themselves from what is seen In Washington as an anti-US axis in America’s backyard as led by Hugo Chavez. How can these countries possibly represent a threat to the global hegemon, though in a steady decline, but still has a 14 trillion dollar economy, up to 20,000 nuclear weapons and which refuses to comply with its international commitments to eliminate its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons - strictures that it believes it has a right to impose on others? On the contrary the USA is illegally upgrading its own weapons of mass destruction (WMD).     
Whose interests are really being served when the sole global hegemonic regime which, in a stark contradiction in terms, projects itself as the self-appointed guardian of freedom and democracy and at the same time the United States diplomatically, militarily and economically has supported directly or indirectly almost every dictatorial, Zionist, apartheid, anti-democratic, military regime or racist state to have existed in the last 100 years. These historic positions always seemed contradictory to the normal tendencies of the electorates of many countries, but yet the policies of the world powers almost always are aligned with these evil forces. In fact polls have consistently shown that nowhere everywhere in the world these American antidemocratic policies are highly unpopular, but they lack of popular support fails to pursued world powers that their policies are largely misguided. The uprisings in the Middle East that have come in the midst of the Christian/Zionist crusades against Islam in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Gaza and Lebanon so far, has pitted the irresistible force of the people of the region against previously immovable objects of kings, kingdoms and dictatorships - all outpost of Empire. Despite the general tendencies of the masses in North America and Europe to avoid war the inheritors of the public relations tricks bequeathed to us by Bernays and Lippmann have such skills and control of corporate media that we can always be sold on the need to go to war. And this trick works every time whether it is the Gulf of Tonkin, September 11, Grenada, the sinking of the Lusitania, the Spanish-America War, or the Iraq War. Why do the poor people of the world continue to fight and die in wars for oil – wars to further corporate interests?         
The European Union (EU) the regional hegemon (Germany) has determined that elected governments in Italy and Greece should be replaced by unelected, anti-democratic bureaucrats with tract records of faithfully serving global banking interests. This allegiance to those responsible for the economic collapse of capitalism is expected to guide the unelected European rulers to take actions that would attempt to correct the malfeasance of the capitalists by further sucking the blood of the workers and deliver the peoples of Europe to the ownership of Goldman Sachs. David Cameron in the United Kingdom (UK) has told the people that the social safety net was to be reduced but his government, historically, has never seen a war for oil that it didn’t like. This historically criminal regime that the elites in Barbados are happy to fraternize with will find the money to fight a war, tomorrow, for British companies to gain access to huge crude resources, only as a bleating lamb following the USA but the people are to accept lower social benefits. They minions in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and some other Arab League countries are even more brutal. These countries can brutalize they people, ban women from driving, import people to change the local demographics and much more. None of these actions are brought to the United Nations Securities Council (UNSC). Saudi Arabia could sponsor terrorism for the next century once it continues to keep its promise to reinvest most of its oil money in American banks it will continue to receive the protection of the Anglo-American Empire. While billions of Saudi money is in American banks there is 20% unemployment in Saudi Arabia, lack of housing, no political rights and no democracy.
The Awakenings throughout the world, despite the internationally coordinated attempts to shut them down, are sending a clear and distasteful message to the elites everywhere. We consider that once unemployment remains high – and it will. Once it become clearer that capitalism has no effective response to the crisis – and it doesn’t. Once the forces that be continue to see war as a mechanism to find a way out – and they must. Once they insist that resources must be distributed in an inequitable manner – they know no other way. Once these conditions and more continue the peoples of the world will finally see the false grandeur of the western hegemonic system and focus on the search for another path.                     
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