Let's Party

Most true nationals would consider the abolition of slavery and the attainment of independence as the most significant dates in our history.Therefore like all patriotic Barbadians I will be celebrating our forty fifth anniversary of independence with a sense of pride and achievement.
However it is most distressing that the collective political managerial class made up almost exclusively of Black Barbadians has failed to deliver Republican status after forty five years of independence.Progressive thinking citizens would have thought that becoming a republic was the next logical step.
It is also extremely interesting that we seem to be moving heaven and earth to sponsor a sporting event, while becoming a republic has been put on the back burner, in order to appease those who cannot bring themselves to be finally rid of the monarchy.
There are two issues which clearly reveal the confused  state of our national psyche: failure to remove the Lord Nelson from its current location, and the spineless capitulation to those who believe that an  English woman should remain  our Queen .
In both cases the collective Black managerial class, has stumbled thereby contributing to the often held belief, that we have been physical freed from the shackles but not from the great mental damage we suffered under the colonial powers.
I am therefore publicly calling for our nation to become a Republic within a year and for the  statute of Lord Nelson to be removed immediately.
In the mean time, Crop Over will now last four months. Talk about priorities.
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