Friday Comment: St. Lucia Tragedy

All Caribbean people, join in extending our heartfelt sympathies, to  the families and loved ones, of all those , who lost their lives last night, in the horrific road accident,in Choiseul, St.Lucia. Fourteen lives lost is a tragedy of monumental proportions.
We now urge all Caribbean governments, to embark on national comprehensive road repair programs, designed to improve the travel of those, who depend on both public and private mass transport, by using the minibuses and other methods of transportation throughout the region.
While we at Mahogany Coconut, would not use such a tragedy to blame any party or individual, we remain aware that there are many roads and bridges, throughout our region, that are themselves nothing more than "accidents waiting to happen."
Once again we extend our sympathies and prayers to all those who will be forever affected because of this terrible tragedy.
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