Bajan Culture Alive and Well

by Angela Goring
Our culture is alive and well !
I speak of no other place than Barbados, my Island home. Every year during our festival of creative arts we see the little ones performing skits and songs; although, new ways of putting them over and adding new touches, the inherent Barbadianisms still abound. It does not matter what age you are, you are still able to connect with your past.
NIFCA,(National Independence Festival of Creative Arts) the festival of which I speak is really  the National Independence festival of creative Arts. This festival was born several decades ago to co-incide with our Independence celebrations. It was the brainchild of the late Arden Clarke, an attorney ; his wife,the late, Jeannette Layne-Clarke, an accomplished broadcaster and writer, and a group of other cultural visionaries.
The idea behind NIFCA was to discover and showcase the best talent the Island had to offer. The artforms covered being: music, drama, dance, visual arts, photography, literary and culinary arts.
Participants are awarded for their achievements with gold, silver and bronze medals. Professionals who enter NIFCA compete for the Governor General’s Award of Excellence.
There is an abundance of talent within our 166 square miles. Every year the young people of this country come with amazing new ways to showcase their talent. We wait with bated breath to see what new ideas they have conceptualized to show off their talents. We are never disappointed!
In the culinary section we see new and exciting ways to show off the expertise of turning our locally produced into world class master pieces.
This year 2012 is no different. The Tradition of Excellence continues!
Click on this link for a taste of Bajan Tuk Band music:

Traditional Barbadian Tuk band with stiltman.
Angela Goring, is the owner of Ryannne’s Restaurant, Bridgetown Barbados. She is also the owner of AMAS Productions, a culture/entertainment promotions business
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