DLP/BLP: Incompetent, Visionless, Corrupt

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart
Mr. Owen Arthur, Leader of  Opposition
Ms. Mia Mottley MP.

The so-called silly season is upon us. Once more, sooner or later, Barbadians will elect a new BLP/DLP government. Or a new DLP/BLP government. It’s six of one and half dozen of the other.
We can predict that none of the manifestos will contain any of the following:
(a) Radical reform of the educational system and the abolition of the elitist Eleven Plus Exam, which continues to condemn our children to the equivalent of social and economic gas chambers.
(b) Neither will contain the slightest reference to genuine worker/employee participation in company profits. We have mega businesses that either giving the workers peanuts or nothing at all in terms of real ownership.
(c) Neither will touch land reform that  will guarantee perpetual state ownership by the citizens of Barbados. The BLP/DLP has sold our prime land to the highest bidders. On the other hand a few rich locals control most if not all arable land.
 We can expect more of the same from the BLP/DLP collective. Mottley has been made to eat humble pie because she so badly wants to be Prime Minister. She has yet to demand that Arthur says publicly exactly, why in his opinion, some citizens may find her “unacceptable” as our Prime Minister.We are forced to ask:  Is Mottley a threat to national security?
In the midst of all the drama, we have calls to privatise the Transport Board, Grantley Adams International Airport and our Deep Water Harbour. These deals will further enrich the foreign and local investors and present lawyers from both sides with hefty paychecks for legal services. Heading the list of auctioneers are the BLP/DLP collective and pollster /call in program host, Peter Wickham.
After a thorough review of recent events, the Mahogany Coconut Watchdog Group has concluded:

1.The reason Mottley has to suck up to Arthur is because she wants power; 
2.The reason Arthur came back is because he wants power;
3.The reason that Stuart cannot touch Sinkler,  and the Eager eleven is because he wants power;
4. The reason that Broomes (Alexandra School) acted the way he did is because he wants power;
 5. The reason that Leroy Parris (CLICO) can walk about freely is because he is very close to the power brokers.
The BLP/DLP can now be justifiably branded neo-colonialists and both have become: incompetent, visionless and corrupt. They are no longer fit to govern our island state.
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