Well Done: UWI , Dr. Carter and Dr.Husbands

Dr. Anthony Carter
Dr. James Husbands

We salute and congratulate Mr. Anthony Carter, The Mighty Gabby and Mr. James Husbands, solar energy pioneer, on receiving the honorary doctorates from the   University of the West Indies. Embodied in these two outstanding citizens, are all the characteristics necessary for the true development of the Caribbean Nation and its peoples.
From its inception, almost five years ago, the Mahogany Coconut Group made it clear that we will not hesitate in promoting excellent Caribbean talent and we will not hesitate in exposing, the fraudulent promotion of cosmetic images of our culture and corporate environment. We also made a conscious decision to share our views with organs /blogs such as Barbados Underground and its many followers, because we recognize the contribution BU is making in encouraging public discussion.
The Mighty Gabby, over the years has brought some of the most enlightened art to our Caribbean people. More than any other artist, he exposed the stupidity of the late Prime Minister Tom Adams’  military adventurism, in the classic Boots and reminded all Bajans ,that the beaches belong to us all ,when he brilliantly exposed the legal McGuffey Jack Dear, in his famous Jack. He has tackled pornography in our schools ; illegal dog fighting(gambling) and the light-hearted Needles and Pins gave  us a peep into: men ,their wives, mistresses and the ups and downs of such activities. Well done, Mr. Carter.
Long before our visionless politicians saw the need for radically reducing our energy bill, Mr. James Husbands along, with other visionaries such as Rev. Andrew Hatch, were trying to educate us about the importance of using solar energy. Mr. Husbands blazed the trail with his well known establishment, Solar Dynamics. He has provided millions of dollars in savings to those consumers throughout the Caribbean, who invested in his products. He has also contributed to keeping many workers employed and is easily one of our most progressive Caribbean business persons. Well done Mr. Husbands.
Progressive Caribbean people will look at these two outstanding citizens and hope that the University of the West Indies will seek to produce graduates of their calibre. Those who make outstanding contributions to uplift our people rather than sell their intellectual souls to political parties and corporations. On this occasion, the Mahogany Coconut Group, can only say, that the university has gotten it right, by elevating these two distinguished Caribbean citizens. Well done UWI. Just click on the link below and you can listen to The Mighty Gabby's : "Well Done" Thank you.
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