Caribbean Must Avoid Corruption

Caribbean cannnot afford corruption

Mr. Jack Warner is not a perfect man but his addiction to money and power makes him much more imperfect than he needs to be.  We are not going to rejoice at his perils. Quite frankly, we did not call for his resignation out of hatred for the gentleman but out of concern for our region. Small, essentially poor and economically vulnerable islands cannot accommodate the Jack Warners of the world. The reason why he became a hero to many was simply because, of our laid back culture, we sometimes lose sight of the dangers inherent in corruption and the ripple effect such activity will have on future generations. We need folk heroes but not Jack Warners.
One of the tragedies of our Caribbean Nation is the undeniable fact that there is a rampant cynicism engulfing our politics. In the last elections in Barbados, we heard of voters willingly selling their vote to the highest bidder. We recall, that during the last elections in Trinidad and Tobago, Jack Warner’s access to money and the largess distributed to his constituents were bordering on the obscene. We hope readers see the pattern.
The day that the Jack Warners and the Lawrence Dupreys (CLICO) can manipulate our politicians and our democratic process, is the day that “crapaud smoke we pipe”. We who are committed to the future of these island states have to be forever on guard against the corrupting influences of money and corporate power in our socio- political process.
We now expect Mr. Warner to use his considerable resources to fend off and prolong all attempts to bring him to any justice. As is often the case:"The rich are different."

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