Friday Comment:The Jack Warner Affair

by Carlton Heywood

The "Straight talk" narrative delivered by the Challenged Power house of the Jack Warner enterprise, is a regurgitation of a corrupted message, in the guise of FIFA driven methodology. 
Examine the inventory of various strategies as disclosed in his assertions of blame, notwithstanding that he employed the corrupted tactics of leveraging positions of trust, to accumulate power and pride, normative drivers accrued by those first world and third world trustees,at whom Mr. Warner, is now taking a racial swipe.  But he showed a command and grasp, of methodology and mindset to be a "dealer and player" at the "high stakes chips" which nurtured the cultivated structures. 
Has the UNC, intelligentsia, and enlightened other political players, detected Mr. Warner's hand and game plan, resulting in MR Warner's, changed gambit? 

Carlton Heywood is a commentator on Caribbean Current Affairs.
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