Mahogany Coconut: Five Years

Seven years ago, a group of concerned Caribbean citizens, both at home and in the Diaspora, began to discuss several aspects of Caribbean life: politics, customs, gender rights, traditions, culture, literature and sports, were the main subjects. Emerging from this “gathering” as it was called was the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group.
Unfortunately, after our formation, many members of the highly Internet based gathering, returned to their respective island homes, retired or simply became frustrated with economic, social and political events  in their adopted countries . Some also became vastly disappointed in the socio-political events unfolding in the Caribbean and decided to withdraw from serious discussion on many issues.
However, the Mahogany Coconut Blog, first published in March 2008(3/10/08), was reactivated and many members and well wishers of the gathering began to refocus on issues in the Diaspora and at home.  We are therefore fortified that after     a very trying but enlightening period, we have reached five years of bringing our position to the fore. The blog is read in many countries and we pledge to continue our efforts with progressive positions on the many issues with which we are and will continue to be confronted.
Over the past five years we have been clear in our call for a better Caribbean and a more progressive and enlightened approach to the management of our island states. We have highlighted the political machinations of those who see these islands as their personal playgrounds; defended the rights of our women and children to be respected and not plagued by violence; defended the rights of our gay community; exposed corrupt politicians and demanded their removal from public life; supported the right of all citizens to protest; highlighted those citizens who have made positive impacts on our Caribbean Nation and most of all refuse to  back down from progressive positions on education, the environment and  proper governance.
We have shared our positions with other blogs that encourage free speech and remain committed to the freedom of expression which is the hallmark of democracy. We will continue to be in the vanguard against insularity and we will forever remain steadfast in our position that the Caribbean remains a zone of peace; that our citizens are more than capable of surmounting all challenges and remain resolute in our position that our major problem is the lack of progressive visionary leadership buttressed in many cases by intellectually bankrupt political parties. Once this visionless leadership is removed, we have no doubt that the Caribbean would move forward and our people will soar to heights that have no limits.
Our people deserve a fully functioning Caribbean State and we consider ourselves a part of those citizens determined to make it a reality for generations present and those to come!
We thank you all for your support and welcome all contributions and positions.

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