Brazil : Political and Social Implications for Region

Ronald Jones Barbados Minister of Education
Rise Up! You Mighty People – The Case of Brazil, its Implications for the Western Hemisphere and the Role of Political Minions like Ronald Jones 
 by Pachamama 
The war which the publics of the world have declared against corrupt, neo-liberal, corporatist establishments has found its presence in all the major cities of Brazil. Brazilian non-violent warriors are employing a range of weapons of civil disobedience in their eternal search for economic justice. The clinch fists of the counterparts of a Ronald Jones(Minister of Education Barbados) are confronting them with state-sponsored violence, as is their duty – they believe. Brazil has been a leading light of a wider progressive movement in South and Central America for over a decade. Jones and his ruling global clique would desperately like to avoid the coming storms in the anti-Empire winter of rage. Some were mistaken in their assumption that that people’s movement had gone full circle and had returned to a state of peu de mort . 
That Brazilians deemed it necessary to open up a new front against entrenched corporate governments, given all the historical problems that successive regimes faced, and to some extent in more recent times, had been partially successful in managing, must now be re-interpreted as a deeper, more fundamental revolutionary movement than uninitiated observers had at first posited. Cities including San Paolo and Rio de Janeiro are demonstrating against an unremitting, even if dying, neo-liberal project that still leaves masses of poor, mainly black, Brazilians without decent housing, low wages, inadequate transportation, an absence of resources, a lack of medical care, a polluted environment and massive and continuing deforestation of the lungs of the planet – Amazonia. These maladies are ‘liberally’ distributed in the rest of the western hemisphere and spring from the invasion of the Italian Jew, Christopher Columbus. 
In macro-economic terms Brazil is currently performing better than most world countries - as measured by the standard benchmarks. It has dragged more than 40 million people out of poverty in the last decade. Some will argue that these protests are made up primarily of the new middle classes and this is largely true. Middle-classes created by the last few governments of Brazil. The political landscape is further complicated by violent right wing movements; the skin heads types, as a throw back from the military rulers of an earlier period. Given these circumstance, this new war front must be sending chills down the spines of all other ‘leaders’ in the western hemisphere, and it is about time!  They will be saying if this could happen in a country that is doing quite well, what would the people do to us, who are doing much less well, economically.  We have called before and we do so here again, for the removal of entrenched and failing governing systems at their root everywhere. 

Fruendel Stuart, in Barbados, cannot long pretend that he has things under control. That he is some exalted figure with no obligation to even talk with those in whose name he pretends to lead.  He must certainly be ready to admit to himself, first, that his government – in its widest sense (BLP/DLP), has no answers to current problems. Such an acknowledgement could generate tremendous fear in the hearts of vested politicians. This fear of the people, that is also deep in the bones of so-called leaders, like Ronald Jones, has led him to issue unwarranted threats of violence against the people of Barbados. That not one of his colleagues and indeed not even his boss, the Prime Minister himself, has made a statement of rebuke, suggests to us that this government fully supports the promised state-sponsored violence of Ronald Jones. 

Furthermore, what is more disturbing is that these maybe the kinds of conversations this regime is having away from the public’s eye. This is very worrisome. By extension they are all guilty of the actions of Ronald Jones, by their silence. You may say collective responsibility? We again call for Jones to be brought up on charges of threatening state-sponsored violence against the people of Barbados. We believe this matter can be properly placed within the Nuremberg Principles, for a threat of violence by a government official, in our estimation, represents a breach of the natural rights of the people. We contend that it is high time for Caribbean people to stop complaining, and take collective actions to solve our problems and stop this nonsense of having donkeys like Ronald Jones leading lions. No one can help us but ourselves. 

Demonstrations in more than 100 Brazilian cities and with millions marching have the hidden governments of the world, for which people like Obama is a mere placeholder, frightened. We have previously stated that Obama and his controllers are well aware that these images will be returning to the USA soon and when they come they will be there to stay. The socio-economic conditions he has encouraged will guarantee this. Like Ronald Jones and his cohorts, Obama and his clique have prepared a militarized police force and empowered the regular military to kill non-violent protestors for ‘unsanctioned’ acts of civil disobedience. They have lost their mystique and the people everywhere have lost their fear and respect for authority figures like Ronald Jones. People like Jones can no longer command public respect.  This is indeed a victory for justice seekers and a tactical defeat for people like Jones who is merely a servant of Empire. Jones is a willing to do whatever he deems necessary to serve his masters in all circumstances. Masters that don’t even recognize his existence but like a proverbial slave he can be depended upon to do his master’s bidding even if that means draconian punishment for slaves like Nanny Grig who rose up against house slaves such like Ronald Jones and his masters. 

This is the same Jones who was deeply involved in regional soccer. His association with FIFA of necessity meant that he was ready to subordinate the sovereignty of Barbados to a cabal of stateless actors in the global structure and Jones found no ambiguities therein. This is the same fuax governmental architecture of FIFA that our Brazilians brothers and sisters are opposing because FIFA believes that they have a claim to the resources of Brazil before the very people of Brazil as it relates to some stupid football tournament/s and in service of the Empire of FIFA. Ronald Jones and his other faithful FIFA boys prioritize a soccer extravaganza ahead of the rights of the indigenous peoples of Brazil in the same way that he is willing to violently deny Barbadians their natural rights so that he and his buddies can maintain an unresponsive regime. We say rise up! Rise up today, rise up tomorrow rise up forever!   

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