Domestic Abuse/Violence Continues

Caribbean women are dying needlessly because of out dated laws and almost totally useless legislation against domestic violence. The latest victim is Rehanna Ali of Trinidad and Tobago, who endured an abusive relationship for eight years before being chopped to death by her abuser.
We heard the Barbados Commissioner of Police,  Darwin Dottin, remarking on a recent radio program, that the main object of the force when investigating abuse is to protect the family. We say to the Commissioner, that the only way to protect the family is to remove the abuser from the family or remove the family from the abuser.
Any perpetrator of domestic violence of any form has no rights to a family. We are in a very dark place at this moment, and unless we act as a region to imprison abusers, our women will continue to suffer the same fate as Rehanna Ali.

We invite you to read a full story of this tragedy at the link below, from an article in the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday paper.

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