Sexual Trends In The Caribbean

Sex Education is Vital
 A recent revelation by a Barbadian reverend regarding the preference for oral sex has apparently ruffled some feathers. We believe that the days of our Caribbean region ignoring changing cultural norms are coming to an end. The truth is that the region is not going to escape how people determine to live their lives and habits when it comes to their sexual activities or preferences.
According to reports, it is felt that this love for oral sex is reaching our very young citizens as early as primary school. We are not shocked. During the early seventies, there was evidence that our Caribbean children were becoming sexual active at extremely young ages. The fear of teenage pregnancies was the main focus of our family planners but alert citizens knew that becoming pregnant should have not been the main focus.
In recent times, we have been aware of at least two studies which conclusively showed that the trend of early sexual activity is now a problem for many social planners. However, we urge our church leaders to avoid attaching biblical reasoning to all forms of human activity. We are astounded that some church leaders would wish to establish that oral sex should be avoided because it is not condoned by the bible. This sounds frighteningly close to the views against homosexuality. It is time to stop the evangelizing and deal with the issue.
Contrary to popular opinion oral sex is not a habit of modern day society but was practiced throughout civilization. To brand it as some new found promiscuity is a dastardly cop out from the real world and human sexuality. Oral sex is simply the sexual preference of those who choose or are inclined to so enjoy such sexual activity. It has absolutely nothing to do with decadence or a departure from religious conviction.
Research shows that during the late 60’s and into the 70’s, many college students opted to engage in anal sex in order to avoid pregnancy. We have gone through all manner of sexually activity because at the root of human sexual activity is a curiosity with our bodies and this can lead to experimentation and sexual adventurism. It is certainly not the role of the church to constantly use fear and religious dogma when dealing with an area that should be left to those trained to explain such activity.
We in the Caribbean have refused to embark on proper and progressive sex education in our schools. We are ignoring the images that our young citizens are being exposed to every single second via the information highway and new social media. We refuse to accept that almost every consumer product, from tooth paste to motor cars, is now marketed with openly sexual imagery.
Let us not in our quest for our brand of Puritanism, mistake curiosity for promiscuity among our young citizens. The progressive way to handle sexual trends is having a modern sex education program in our schools; the promotion of gender equality; respect for the sexual lifestyles of ALL citizens; progressive legislation against sexual violence against our women and children and a broad acceptance that human sexuality is a natural part of our very existence.

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