Edward Snowden – Can He Escape the All-Seeing Eye of Empire ?

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Edward Snowden – Can He Escape the All-Seeing Eye of Empire ?  

                                                                           by   Pachamama 
Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is reportedly hours away from landing in Cuba as a first step to political asylum in a South American country, most probably the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Snowden may well qualify as the person in the history of mankind that has given more people, more places, more information about a globalized national security state which few people knew about and less were willing to consider as fact for the fear of being called ‘a conspiracy theorist’. 
His immoral and illegal sequestration in Sheremetyevo International Airport by the military junta in Washington has presented the true nature of world powers. How many people in the Caribbean have the conscience to give up job, home, family and friends to reveal the true character of a government that pretends it is democratic while conducting itself both in the light and the darkness in ways not unlike ‘Lucifer’ himself? 
It was this wicked government, with its total information suite of programs that is virtually in your house right now. They have illegally stored hundreds of thousands of zettabytes of private information about the people of the earth. Every key you have ever touched on a keyboard, every email ever sent, every text, every phone call, every piece of snail mail, every fax, every satellite communication, we must now assumed is in the possession of Big Brother. George Orwell could not, in his wildness dreams, have contemplated such a monster of a Big Brother society. 
But it is not just the noise of countless chatter in the information space. Big Brother has seemingly respectable companies like Bose Allen Hamilton (BAH) providing the technological infrastructure to collect and store this information. It is BAH, as consultant to global corporations, which will then use this information obtained from its workings with the National Security Agency (NSA) to interfere in the market place in competitive countries like Brazil, China and Russia to reduce their relative position in favour of corporations that are part of Empire. These are the same people who tell the ruling class in the Caribbean that we should be more competitive and play by some set of, ostensibly, fair rule when they are the ones who break every law known to man. 
Recent events surrounding the violations of the rights of the President of Bolivia demonstrated the anxiety of the national security state apparatus to silence Snowden. . We have seen huge projects to capture Julian Asange. We have seen the treatment meted out of Bradley Manning. We have seen the sweet smiling Barak Obama prosecuting more whistleblowers that ALL other United States presidents combined. What manner of man is this? Sweet words to the public but in private he is as vicious as they come. 
Snowden could have made tens of millions of dollars by secretly selling this information to other security agencies, but he did not. We could only imagine the heavy mental burdens a young man like this has to carry. One man against the most formidable security apparatus the world has ever seen - a security architecture well known to him and which can violate any and all laws known to man. The Caribbean has seen this demonstrated before. One incident happened less than twenty years ago when a Barbadian attorney (Ralph Thorne) won a case against the extradition of a ‘Colombian’ man wanted by the USA. After leaving Barbados and during a transit stop in a third country, United States agents, in violation of the ruling of the Barbados courts, kidnapped this individual and transferred him to US territory. 
At the time of writing we were unable to confirm that Edward Snowden was on the Aeroflot flight to Cuba. We wish him well. We applaud the courage of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba and Russia for agreeing to shelter him. We denounce the cowardice of the European countries which initially came out pretended that they were so appalled by the actions of the United States just to misguide their populations that their hands were clean and that this was solely an American project. Later it was Snowden and Guardian journalist/attorney Glen Greenwald who provided conclusive evidence (proof) that the Europeans are merely colonial outposts of the American Empire which were more interested in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal than the basis rights of their citizens. The TPP is a new-fangled trade pact between global corporations that will make any residual notions of national sovereignty ‘quainter’. 

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