Syria and the Western Led Conspiracy -Deafening Silence of Christians

Map of Syria
Syria and the Western Led Conspiracy to Dismember a Nation – The Deafening Silence of Christians
by Pachamama
Somebody once said that silence is consent. In the case of the western conspiracy to break up the sovereign state of Syria the West, which likes to trumpet its superior moral values, finds itself aligned with rabidly radical Takfaiis. These hand chopping, head severing, grave robbing, organ eating cannibals have come to be representative of the ‘best’ expressions of western civilization, such as it is. This coalition of forces includes the USA, most NATO members; Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, the Zionists, a potpourri of madmen and mercenaries representing the leading edge in an illegal, undeclared, proxy war of aggression against the Syrian people. That these ‘highly moral’ western countries could find themselves in such ‘illustrious’ company can only be understood within the context of the collapse of what they like to call ‘western civilization’. The internal contradictions therein will make Nero look like a Sunday school boy. It is Obama who is the Nero, on steroids, of our time. 

The USA in its desperate efforts to hold onto a steadily eroding global supremacy is caught between a rock and a very hard place. At home it is acting to reverse hard won civil rights by minorities; extensive spying on citizens to an extent that would make the Stasi envious, is demonstrating a lack of interest in the welfare of its own citizens and on and on. This ‘God fearing’ country is more interested in promoting same sex marriage than the beheading of Syrian Christians in the name of the American people. If fact, there has barely been a word of objection from the so-called evangelical, dispensationalist, American religionists about multiple beheadings of Syrian Christians, and others, by radical Takfariis as paid for by their coalition, using their weapons, using their war materiel and using their communications devices all in the name of Allah, mind you. Under any other set of circumstances there would be a hue and cry but this time it is alright because god, in person of Obama, said so. These are the worst crime of all – war crimes. Obama and Cameron et al should be in a dock somewhere. 

Obama and the wicked systems that support him have learnt well that you can’t have a ‘democracy’ at home and an empire abroad. So they intend on having an empire abroad and a totalitarian national security state at home, for they masters. That national security state, in Obama’s own words, wants to fight ‘smart wars’ for resources. To Obama a smart war is having misguided radical Takfariis, Al-Queda and other mercenaries, trained by the CIA and MI6, do the dying, while he smiles for the cameras - visionless cameras from a media of stenographers for Empire. They hope that in this process they can create a generalized war between Sunnis and Shias while the war profiteers steal the resources of the people as is happening in Libya today. This brazen thief surpasses the worst crimes of all times and happens right under the nostrils of a Western ‘conscious’ that has spent the last 500 years propagating its rightness. 

The American led coalition has been caught in lie after lie. An early really big lie was that President Assad was killing 90,000 of his own people. When this big lie was repeatedly shown to be what is was their leading ‘face man’ (Obama) then proceeded to concoct another big lie. This time he suggested a ‘red line’ that Assad was never to cross – the use of chemical weapons. At the same time this criminal Barak Obama was himself supplying his murderous Takfariis with chemical weapons to use against the people of Syria in the hope that they would provide him with the ‘smoking gun’ to blame the Assad regime, thereby triggering a broader invasion – a la Iraq. You could not make this up. What a colossal idiot is this empty suit, Obama. If this wasn’t so serious it could have been a comedy. Criminality at the seat of power in the Christian world, and these people still want to believe that we should genuflect by the mention of their names or by the invocation of their wicked god. 

All this is essentially a Christian war against the Syrian people but those who call themselves Christians, in the West, are not appalled that their god is being associated with massive crimes. We do not hear any renunciations from pulpits. We do not see the televangelist preaching fire and brimstone from their hallowed perches. We do not hear a word from Swaggert, Jakes, Billy Graham Jr; the Vatican or the Anglican establishment - barely a word. Does this silence by the ‘people of god’ indicate the justice of these large crimes being committed in his name, like in the past? Are the real justice seekers to forget these crimes and illogically locate their heads in the anachronistic ramblings of a book, when this chapter has passed? The so-called Muslims monarchies in the ‘coalition’ care neither for Allah nor their people. Their God is really western imperialism. 

Obama’s coalition includes people like the Saudi leadership, the Qatari leadership, the neo-Ottomans, the Zionists and the Jordanians. All people who have never exhibited any commitment to ‘democracy’. Except for the possible exception of the Turks, and their people are still on the streets, all these pseudo-freedom fighters and promoters of democracy for Syria have themselves never had even a single election in their own countries. We known that should anyone living in these countries even make the suggestion about an election, that person will be unceremoniously disappeared, never to be seen again – and these are the people that Cameron and Obama are joined at the hip with in this modern crusade against the Syrian people. Obama is not ill-at-ease about partitioning Syrian into three or more states in the old Anglo-American strategy of divide and rule or even turning it into a ‘failed state’. South Sudan is the most recent case from this Christian, imperial, colonizing, playbook. 

But they will lose, and this loss will usher in a chain of events that will make their castles of imperialism come crashing down in short order. They are up against forces that cannot be defeated unless a sectarian war can be triggered, but even in those circumstances there is little likelihood that this quest to bring Iran to heel, further surround Russia, further surround China thereby dominating Central Asia will succeed. They are more likely to ignite a World War III scenario. The desperation of the Christian west seems pointed in that direction. Why are the Christian west so desperate at this time? It is because of a mindset that full spectrum dominance (FSD) is the only means by which white Christian supremacy can endure? So this war really does not have anything to do with Syria, per se, for the Syrian people merely represent pawns in the way of white Christian domination of the whole world, forever and ever Amon.                              

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