Risqué: Owen Hits Mia, Again! Politics Barbadian Style

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Risqué: Owen Hits Mia, Again!

By Pachamama
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The Mighty Sparrow tells a story about a lion which was mastered by a donkey. In this epic, the lion (MAM), despite his loud growl, role as dominate polygamist, sharp teeth, body built for combat and a propensity to instill fear was made to submit and be the mate of a mere donkey (OSA). Well, unlike OSA, the donkey is well known to be mild mannered, a carrier of huge burdens and in possession of a certain physical attribute that some fear. Fear of the expectation of a certain amount of joy and or pain that donkeys by their very nature are said to be able to inflict.  

The recent broadside which Owen Seymour Arthur (OSA) inflicted on the prime ministerial ambitions of MAM continues to complicate political calculations in Barbados. Certainly, OSA seems intent on keeping his promise to his friends that he will never leave the BLP to MAM. In stating that the proposed divestment of state assets was the right policy for a beleaguered DLP administration. An administration beset by mounting internal disquiet and clueless about a direction for the country. Still, it was OSA who was to again deliver a life jacket to a feckless Fruendel Stuart regime.  

These repeated and public ‘strokings’ from Sparrow's donkey may eventually make the anatomy of the lion more receptive but no lion worth its salt would ever want to be in such a submissive position, not even once. But MAM seems to be unable to get this big doggy donkey from the dominate position it has assumed in Sparrow’s pantomime of the political animals. For MAM the reverse may be more advantageous. These repeated public humiliations will eventually break the lion’s back. For the back of a lion is unaccustomed to these kinds of pressures. 

In Sparrow’s tale, the spectators, FJS and his DLP political animals, were in the audience encouraging the donkey to continue delivering these big licks to the king of the BLP beasts. We could hear FJS singing the chorus better than Sparrow himself. And he singing, ‘’hold him down, donkey hold him downnn’’. The problem is that not even the BLP party fathers, a compliant BLP mainstream media nor political concessions from MAM could get this donkey to relinquish its dominate position, far less discontinue the ruthless, rhythmic, public ‘movementations’ that lets all the other animals know, for sure, who is really the boss in this Bajan, BLP, kingdom of animals.  

The donkey was content to watch the lion run out of steam by anticipating an election too soon. Once the lion 'cum' too soon, then is when donkey started to do bad. The lion, with an expectation of such an early election, had been gearing up the party machinery for a change of government, under the very nose of the donkey. But you know a lion is not well known for successful hunts and that parties, in opposition, seem to have limited resources. And the donkey which is known for running longer distances was merely waiting for the lion to exhaust himself. It is then, we started to hear the Mighty Sparrow’s song ringing around the savannah, again. And Freundel was up front signing the chorus loud and clear, ‘’hold him down, donkey hold him down’’. Leave the ‘young’ lion exposed! 

Of all the animals is this here political kingdom FJS may not be seen as having the characteristics of some past leaders, but he must be the luckiness politician, in some ways, Barbados has ever had. He must be luckier than our friend Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria. Stuart could never be accused of having the courage of the lion (MAM). Barrow himself said this. But all animals know that it is better to be born lucky than courageous. Look how the courageous lion is being humiliated, time after time, after time. And there is nobody who can stop these public humiliations anytime soon. Maybe the lion (MAM) is hoping that the Underground leadership will call up OSA to strengthen the BLP middle order soon in order to stymie the rampant and marauding pace bowling of Thompson down under. This maybe the only way this lion could get this donkey off its back!

Pachamama is a social commentator.    

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