Skin Bleaching ! Where Are We Going ?

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Skin bleaching! Where are we going?
by Ruel E. Lowe
I sometimes wonder if this is the same country, Jamaica that was the land of birth of that stalwart, Marcus M. Garvey the father of Pan-Africanism!
Marcus Garvey
I was almost reduced to tears when I viewed the skin "Bleaching" video! Seeing my poor uninformed/unfortunate brothers and sisters behaving in an outlandish and dangerous manner, displaying self-hate and a lack of love for self and kind!

Where did this self-loathing/self-hate come from? Just think! Yes you got it! Four hundred years plus, of brain washing and constant reinforcement through the media and other institutionalized methods of persuasion and entreaty! That has been responsible for many of us doing things that are not to the benefit of us and kind!

I am issuing words of warning and caution, to those of us brothers and sisters, who are more self-aware, to be very careful in our criticism/mocking/ridiculing/humoring of the “Bleachers”. Always remember we are often judged by the behavior of the least of those in our society! What we need to do is, take strong action, by educating and informing the poor unfortunate ones who practice this dangerous act of folly, of the poisonous and carcinogenic substances in this cream, and their evil properties. 
A very dear friend of mine constantly uses this phrase: “Never look down on someone, unless you are extending your hand to help them up”!
Well said and practiced!
Walk good.....

Even-though this article mentioned Jamaica by name, the article is directed to the entire Caribbean !

Ruel  E. Lowe is a social commentator.

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