When Did Jamaica Get Poor?

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    When did Jamaica get poor?
  by Ruel E. Lowe

 In a time when more children/young adults are attending secondary and tertiary institutions, instead of the country/society ascending, it is declining socially and financially! That is rather puzzling, actually that defies logic! 

Digressing for a moment, I have always believed the all we need to know is revealed to us and around us, but, many of us lack the ability to discern/observe/comprehend/accept. Should we take time out to take a close look at the society today, it will become apparent that there has been gradual erosion of the moral fabric/foundation, a loss of the work ethics past generations were famous for have been replaced by scams, trickery, begging, violence and crime. I could give examples of each, but we are well aware of our shortcomings and issues. 

Our music which has always been our thermometer and barometer, is the ideal story teller of the society, it will give us an indication/insight of the direction the society is moving into. A generation ago the music had a soothing/calming/melodious flavor to it. You would be able to listen to artists/groups such as Alton Ellis, Lord Creator, Keith and Enid, the Gaylads, the Paragons and numerous others, their music would have such a calming, soothing positive effect on you! The music was more universal, in that it could, be enjoyed and appreciated by many all around the world. Today’s music has a more combative, and seems to be designed for local consumption only!

A generation or more ago we might have been financially challenged and lacking in opportunity, but we were rich with self-confidence, class, vision, and dignity. Today while the society has many more graduates, and professionals, we tend to be lacking the entrepreneurial spirit, and there is no tradition of giving-back in order to raise the lower strata of the society. Those who have achieved academic accomplishment, seem to be more interested in receiving accolades and praise, rather that providing opportunities for advancement to the less fortunate and tend to use their education as a whip, to chastise the poor.
That is when in my humble opinion is, when we started down the slippery slope of poverty.

Ruel  E. Lowe is a social commentator.
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