Were we (Jamaica / Caribbean Better off under Colonialism ?

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Were we (Jamaica/Caribbean) better off under Colonialism?

by Ruel E. Lowe
This was a question posed by a very charming intelligent, articulate, patriotic sister, who was disgusted, with what she saw, taking place in her beloved country Jamaica!
She questioned whether any progress has been made under/since Independence, by Jamaica, and concluded that Jamaica was better off as a British colony? 
I went along with most of her factual views, until she stated that Jamaica was better under colonialism, that is where we parted company!
If we only analyze the action/behavior/results from the surface, without finding the cause, we will end up blaming the victim, and coming up with the wrong conclusions, if we use a false premise!
Now let us take a keen careful look at the facts:
1. Under colonialism we were always thought of and treated as subjects of the colonial master (servants/second class citizens, not as equals). To many who might not be aware, there was a time under colonialism, where no dark-skinned person, regardless of academic qualification, would be seen working in any government office or a bank!
2. Whenever a colonial power granted independence to a former colony, true independence is never granted, meaning, independence was just a front, or a way to disguise the fact that they would no longer, shoulder the financial burden required to keep the colony functioning!
3. The colonial powers always reserve the right to return and repossess the country if they think the country is not doing there dictates and bidding's!
4. The government is never turned over to patriots, but to chosen leaders they appoint and find palatable!
5. The big bombshell! These former colonies were never prepared for self-governance, before independence is granted, hence, they were set up for failure.
6. The education system was never designed to fulfill the needs of the former colony, but to produce workers for the colonial system. 

Jamaica as a model former colony adopted many negative qualities of their colonial masters, e.g. the social stratification, where, the privileged, looked down their noses on those beneath them, hence the educated look with disdain on the ones who didn't get the opportunity to advance academically, instead of try to raise them up to the benefit of the entire society, the educated seek accolades, self-gratification and recognition,. 
Advancement will only be achieved if the leaders institute policies elevating the working class and the unfortunate.
Is there any wonder, why, we are in the present deplorable state of affairs and conditions? 
We don’t seem to have nation builders in leadership, whether it because of incompetence, greed, selfishness, arrogance, re-election desires or a combination of all of the above, the country needs, knowledgeable, patriotic leaders who put Jamaica first!

Independence is not the problem, it is the implementation! 

Ruel  E. Lowe is a social commentator.

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