Brothers Brief Trip From Womb to Tomb

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

                                                    Brothers Brief Trip From Womb to Tomb

Photo Credit Trinidad Express

Once again with great sorrow bordering on a deep anger, we are forced by our dedication to truth, to highlight the slaughter of our youth by those who have little regard for the sanctity of human life. The simple truth is that the recent deadly slaying of two young citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, clearly demonstrates that the Caribbean has entered a zone of numbness and brutality that must be altered before our region begins to resemble some distant battlefield.
For if the murders in Trinidad and Tobago are not enough to occupy our minds, we can turn to the horrendous statistics which show that the bodies of our children and young adults, under the age of twenty, are finding themselves on the ice in the funeral parlors. With a shortage of police and other law enforcement operations, we have indeed stepped on the banana skin and it is going to take tremendous skill, to break the fall.
The deliberate policy of the Mahogany Coconut Group is not to burden our readers with statistics. We are merely bringing to light the plain truth about why and how our region has been taken over by crudeness and disrespect for law and order. We remain steadfast in our belief that we have collectively sat idly by or occasionally played to the cameras, while ignoring the signs that have been present and indeed ominous for the better part of four decades.
And while we buried our heads in the sand, our youth were being overly influenced by  a  negative criminal lifestyle that was and remains anchored by the drug trade; a breakdown of family and a political management class, that should be ashamed to face the mirror on mornings. We cannot deny that Massa is still alive and breathing in a mental form from which we have apparently chosen not to escape. Slowly but surely, we have to wake up and face the reality that, most of our wounds are these days, inflicted by us ourselves. And the only way out is an all out war on those who do not really understand what is real the price of freedom.
Somewhere in Trinidad and Tobago while some will pretend that it never happened and others may feel they probably deserved it; two children not yet collectively twenty five years old, are being prepared for burial. Not the result of some senseless traffic accident or some debilitating ailment but their alleged involvement  in criminal activity. Imagine a child one hundred and eight months after birth, is riddled with bullets aimed at him and another one just six years his senior, who suffers the same fate.
Imagine the baby in your arms cute and cuddly being riddled with bullets before reaching the age of ten. Just imagine. Imagine that he and his brother suffered the same fate. Two form the same womb , off not to school but to the tomb. Just imagine.

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