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                                                                                  The Land of Make Belief

Alice in Wonderland
By   Pachamama

Our planet home is no more than one great Disney Land. A Land of Make Belief. A land where there are no hard distinctions between what is unreal and what is real. Between what is false and what is true. What is just and what is unjust. So reality, as judged by human perceptions about the beginning or the end, or anything in between, finds the real truths about our existence forever unbelievable. This absence of truths has led to the lack of freedoms and there can be no means to stymie this rot in this epoch. 
The childhood device to understand reality through the creation of make belief is no less applicable to religion, all religions. Whether it is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Judaism the elevation of make belief represents a potent weapon of ownership and control of the most valuable real estate on earth – the human mind. Constructed on a specious philosophical foundation, popular make belief has most of the world wedded to the fiction of a heaven and a hell, immaculate conception and reincarnation - sorcery. The total, provable and massive 'imprecisions' of religious doctrines. They hide the unbelievable truth that the fictitious character of Serapis Christus was merely a creation of Roman Emperor Constantine, 325AD, at the First Council of Nicaea. In reality, there is not a single thread of evidence he ever existed but whole cultures are based on this monstrous fable. More fundamental broadsides can be easily sustained in relation to Judaism, Islam and Hinduism but all four were built on the plagiarization of The African Story. A story that was merely allegory in the first place, not truth, not reality. 
In the absence of evidence, 'faith' comes to the plate as a potent weapon in the quiver of this pernicious World of Make Belief. Humans are further asked to believe, not know, that a man (Prophet Mohammad) who could not read or write was able to produce an opus. That such a people, who for 1000 years before the Europeans had enslaved African and Slavic peoples, were to be some instrument for some god head somewhere in heaven. What a fiction! That a Bible which is replete with unprovable claims, from Genesis to Revelation, is the inspired word of some god somewhere in the sky. The broad-based nature of these quests for power and domination sees the Hindus still sustaining a racist cast system more repugnant than Apartheid as it continues to suppress hundred of millions of the original African peoples of Asia in this life and beyond. And we pretend that this is not happening, in this land of make belief. That Mahatma Ghandi, as a Hindu nationalist, forerunner to the current religiously, fanatical, fascist Bharatiya Janaa Party (BJP), is to be some iconic person worthy of lionization when the truth is that Gandhi himself was a staunch supporter of the oppression of the Dalits – The Untouchables. Oh, what a tangle web we weave, when once to practice to deceive! 
But the construction of Alice in Wonderland maybe deeply rooted in religion but they also extend to all other spheres of human existence. These may include economy, politics, social, technological, environmental and legal spheres. In economy, the land of make belief renders leaders unable to respond to changing circumstances. Like children they continue to play with their toys in the hope of understanding the existential realities of our existence. But regardless of the duration of this depression the misplaced hopefulness of elites is unable to deliver answers for the peoples of the world. It is this over reliance on magical thinking which sustains the World of Make Belief and excludes any discussion about other possibilities. Truisms based on provable facts, not 'classical' lies that have been told to us for millenia. But its alright if Nirvana escapes us this time. Our World of Make Belief teaches us that we must persevere, we must suffer for His name, we must accept that deliverance will come if we make this Land of Make Belief more believable and the truth more and more Unbelievable. 

Pachamama  is a social commentator

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