Time For Ideas and Solutions , Part 1

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
                                                           Time For Ideas and Solutions Part 1

Farmers Market In Jamaica

By Ruel E. Lowe

What can we do, to solve the problems, in Jamaica and The Caribbean? Let us take some time out to do some very deep thinking and soul searching.
As we are well aware dealing with constant negativity is a sure way of destroying one’s health!
The problems in Jamaica and the Caribbean are well chronicled, crime, opportunistic, avaricious politicians, inefficient, ineffective governance and greatest of all short coming a lack of vision and the list go on and on……… 
Now for the billion dollar question: What can/will we do about it? 
Constant complaining/criticizing/condemning and pointing out the myriad problems, is not the solution! I refuse to spend my time in futile pursuit of the utterances of evil politicians who are in government only to get elected or reelected and increase their wealth. That is certainly an exercise in futility and a complete waste of time!
Now let us deal with some positive solutions. Since the present system has proven to an abject failure in excess of fifty years, then it must be radically changed! This can be achieved by instituting term limits on elected officials, and anyone presently in government must be barred from participating, in any future government, and must have no affiliation with any political party! Both parties must be dissolved and new parties formed! I would work diligently to achieve this end! 
Since the present and past governments have lacked the necessary progressive ideas, and have no plans in place, to absorb the high school and university graduates, it will be up to the folks who love the country to come up with these ideas. Example we should challenge our graduates to use their newly acquired knowledge to help solve problems, like creating devices/equipment that will generate inexpensive electricity to folks in the rural areas, (who have no electric power at present), using renewable forms of energy, also using waste organic products including human and animal to create an organic fertilizer industry! This could be accomplished by having a contest where the top four contestants receive large monetary prize, the prize money could be obtained from a lottery! The same thing could be done for a water purification system. An environmental/beautification campaign funded by the private sector/government initiative could be put in place. There are many things that could be accomplished without the expenditure of large amount of capital! Each citizen should be encouraged to grow vegetables, farming should be put on the front burner, we must eat what we grow, and grow what we eat. Unnecessary imports are the cause of most of our financial problems.
Part I.

Part II to follow!
Ruel E. Lowe is a social commentator
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