Haiti Is On the Mend

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

                                                                           Haiti  Is On the Mend

Port-au-Prince , Haiti

Five years after the devastating earthquake, that would have totally destroyed most other Caribbean countries, our Haitian brothers and sisters are slowly, and we are convinced surely, rebuilding their society. As always, the aid promised has not all be forthcoming and the spectre of corrupt practices still looms, but we hasten to add that these maladies are not unique after such destruction and chaos. There will always be those humans and organizations, both private and public, who will exploit human suffering for their own greed and nefarious ambitions.
Not to be overwhelmed by these negatives, we are witnessing the great resilience of the Haitian people as they press ahead with nation rebuilding. Our sources in New York reliably inform us, that some commodities are already reaching the market place with the proud stamp: Made in Haiti. We are also reliably informed that: manufacturing, mining, agriculture and fisheries are getting some assistance and creating new jobs. The telecom company DIGICEL, has poured one billion dollars into the telecom infrastructure. Haitian workers are now producing/making computer tablets at an encouraging pace! The tourism planners are moving swiftly to tap into the 25 million tourists who visit the Caribbean annually.
Many Caribbean people have always viewed Haiti as some backwater poverty infested country living under corrupt politicians as a result of the infamous Duvalier father and son political reign but while we cannot say that all of those images have been completely removed, they seem to be fading into the background of the new Haiti. Haiti once produced half the world’s coffee; it is rich in copper, limestone and gold along with other untapped minerals and metals with a combined worth of 20 billion dollars. Such resources in the Caribbean can only be found in Guyana and to some degree Trinidad because of its oil and natural gas capabilities. In other words, Haiti is potentially, one of the most economically viable countries in the region.
We therefore welcome the latest reports from this great country and once more offer the resilience  of its people, as its strongest gift to other Caribbean peoples, who although much better off’ tend to spend more time pursuing mendicancy rather than progressive nation building. We urge business people in the region to consider Haiti as an exciting place for investment.

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