Somewhere out there……………

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Caribbean Ocean
                                 Somewhere out there .................


We are not eternal optimists; neither are we eternal pessimists, we are just a group of Caribbean regionalists seeking solutions to the myriad problems confronting us and we believe that it is the only realist position to take if we are going to save our region from destruction. Anybody who believes that we can sustain our post slavery/colonial gains by indulging in rampant insularity is in direct contradiction to the philosophy and outlook of the Mahogany Coconut Group. While we respectfully disagree with such persons, we are also very determined that their voices be heard because we do not see ourselves as the only reservoir of what is right or wrong for the region.
These island states are pregnant with possibilities but are now in the clutches of a collective group of leaders, who cannot or will not tap into the talents that abound in the region. We have produced noble laureates and academics whose scholarship cannot be questioned or denied but we have been unable to find another Eric Williams or Lloyd Best and there is no new Garry Sobers on the horizon. This alone should make us throw our hands up in utter despair but we believe that there must be some more of this exceptional talent somewhere in the Caribbean or the Caribbean Diaspora.
With this feeling that the best is yet to come urging us on, we are forever vigilant that there are those, who will do anything to halt what little progress we are making. Hence we find the negativity seeping into the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to be very alarming. Suddenly the voices of under talented politicians and over rated legal professionals are being heard throughout the region. They want the CCJ to function as a doormat for their individual territories and become a feeble extension of their non productive political aspirations.
They never had any problems with the Privy Council as the final appellate court of the region but they are implying that the CCJ is incompetent and should be avoided at all costs. Once more the “mother country” monkey has climbed on their backs and they just cannot shake off the queen or her court. Unfortunately for the region, there is not a single prime minister such as Eric Williams in office and thinkers such as Lloyd Best cannot be easily found. The task is now as difficult as finding another Garry Sobers. Cricket mirrors the Caribbean society and if Brain Lara could have bowled and had the many talents that Garry Sobers possessed, we would have produced another great all rounder. And we will press on because Lara reminded us of Sobers with the bat, and that gave us hope.

Somewhere out there are others with talent, vision and intellect who will save us. Yes, somewhere out there………..
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