Coconut Sweet Bread Recipe (Caribbean)

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Coconut Sweet bread
We are happy to provide a link below on how to make coconut sweetbread .  We use the coconut and its milk for many different purposes. The dry coconut shell is used to make souvenirs; we use the coconut oil for skin and hair care and use it in the preparation of our food ; the coconut water is consumed in great portions and even as a great drink mixer ; we eat the soft jelly and the hard jelly as well and we also drink the coconut oil for some digestive purposes. As the Mahogany Coconut Group stated our very first post, we see both the mahogany and coconut as  signs of strength and two incredible products (trees) that have given and continue to give our region a source of both enjoyment and income.

Here is the link for a great recipe and beautiful illustrations. Enjoy!

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