Toddler Murdered in Trinidad

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Month-old infant slammed to the ground in Point
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul yesterday called on the authorities to deal swiftly with a self-confessed child killer. Paul’s comment followed the arrest of a Cap-de-Ville man who admitted to slamming one-month old Andre Feroze Mowlah to his death on Sunday. In a statement to the police, the child’s mother said this was the fourth time her male relative had attempted to kill the baby in a fit of anger.

 She said the first time, two days before the child celebrated his first month of life, the man threw baby Andre down on some grass. Twice after, in the days that followed, he did it again, but the child suffered no visible physical injury. On Sunday, shortly before noon, the woman said she had an altercation with the man and he threatened to kill her. In a rage, she said, he picked up the baby from his crib and slammed him down on the floor.

The child’s mother, told police, she picked up the body of the child and called her sister, who took them all to the Point Fortin Area hospital, where baby Andre was pronounced dead on arrival. At the hospital, the man told the staff he was holding the child  when he stepped on a loose floorboard and the child fell, hitting his head. The matter was referred to the Point Fortin police. While at the station, the mother of the child broke down and told the police her child was murdered.

Police detained the man who later admitted to the crime.   Paul expressed sadness at the abuse one so young had to endure and for the mother, who herself was a victim of abuse. He said while he did not know the family personally, he would make time to visit them and arrange for counselling for the mother and relatives of the child. A post mortem by forensic pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov at the Forensic Science Centre  showed the child died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. Investigations are continuing.
(Trinidad Guardian Tuesday Oct. 15th 2013)

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