Respect Hatians' Rights

                                                          The Caribbean Is One Nation.

President Danilo Medina

We call on the Government of the Dominican Republic to repeal the nefarious rulings of the DR constitutional court and return the dignity to those Haitians born of Hatian descent in the Dominican Republic, by restoring their rights to be citizens.   We further make it public that we will oppose the Dominican Republic becoming a member of CARICOM  unless this blot is removed from its affairs.
The Haitian people seem to have been identified, as the one people in our region, who must suffer indignity after indignity; be it political, natural or man made.  Haiti has been treated, not as the most progressive post slave society in our region but as an unwanted step child by the entire region. Yet in the face of betrayal and ruthless internal and external political machinations, the Haitian people, whenever given the opportunity demonstrate an inherent resolve, not so readily found ,in some of the citizens of our “better off” states.
This latest assault form within the regional family, clearly shows that we are yet to overcome the psychological defects that are the direct results of the divisions and callousness, bequeathed to us by the four hundred years of slavery we endured. We are yet to understand that we either swim together or we sink together. In this instance, the embarrassingly backward actions of the Dominican Republic have drilled another hole in regional unity.
We make no apologies in stating that most of the so-called better off countries in the region are no more than two decades or less behind where the people of Haiti unfortunately find themselves. The entire region is recording low periods of growth and many of our island states are now dependent on tourism and the international business services for their survival. We are attracting gangsters and corrupt business persons to our shores and selling our passports to the highest bidder; if the global tourist industry collapses, these “ better off” islands would suffer the same economic fate our Haitian brothers and sisters.
We therefore welcome the letter of the Prime Minister of St. Vincent, Mr. Ralph Gonzalves protesting the actions of the Dominican Republic. We see this act as similar to the European slave masters who raided Africa and  took away our culture and our identity along with our man and woman hood. We say to the Dominican Republic that the sooner it removes this blot, the quicker it will  receive the redemption for its obvious transgressions.

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