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Once more a senseless act of incredible cruelty has led to the death of a child in the Caribbean. We refer to an article reproduced from the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper and carried in Mahogany Coconut: “Toddler Murdered in Trinidad”. The Mahogany Coconut Group will continue to highlight such atrocities against our lovely and innocent children WHEREVER AND WHENEVER they occur in our region. We realize that there are many who want us to sweep such acts under the proverbial carpet but we will not. We are astounded that national papers will have lead stories of corrupt politicians and a political deviant, who apparently is a now serious contender for the highest political office, while relegating this murderous act against one of our children to a few lines.
We seem more inclined to use our media as tools of a decadent and widening political managerial class of bold faced sycophants than to highlight the gross and horrific crimes against our women and children. We are aware that these acts more than any manufactured economic recession are going to lead to the eventual destructionb of our region if they are not stopped RIGHT NOW! The region has no future without our women, children and the elderly.
Any human being that can take a defenseless child and crash it against a slab of cement must be mentally unbalanced or suffering from some psychotic condition that unfortunately afflicts some of our citizens. What is even more sickening in this instance is the revelation, that this child had been on more than one occasion, physically abused by   this individual before the final act of madness occurred. What were the authorities thinking in allowing such an individual to be the same place of that child ?
We can criticize America’s politics and policies until the cows come home but we can state without fear of contradiction that America has some of the most progressive laws to protect its children and while from time to time there are acts of violence;  they are certainly not the result of ineffective avenues for America’s children to be protected.
As always we copy the most undesirable elements of American society but seem impervious to what is good about the American way of doing things. How Americans treat their pets and protect animals and how they become enraged at acts of violence in any form against its children are some aspects that we may want to adopt.
In the meantime we hope that the authorities in the region stop the grand standing and stand up for our children and that those individuals who sometimes are afflicted with certain disorders that lead them to such dark places are given the help they deserve.

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