Looking Back : Barbados Independence Poem

                                                                     The Caribbean Is One Nation.
The Poet's Corner

Looking Back

Hearing de National Anthem
I standing ramrod straight

I am a proud bajan
Some say poor great                                                                              
Barbados Flag

At de Garrison Savannah
Back in nineteen sixty-six

See de playing field
In a such a muddy fix

Never see so much bajans
In muh entire life

All o’ dem wid one purpose                                        
Independence not strife

There in dey numbers
Not caring ‘bout de mud

Packing in de Garrison
As many as dey could

Some walked for miles
Some come by donkey cart
Barbados Coat of Arms

A few come by motorcar
All bajans to de heart

For this very night
They had eagerly planned

Every one of them
Down to a single man

Was plenty activity
Then de moment come

We see Errol Barrow
What a great Barbadian son!

Standing like a soldier
Was a moment to brag

Down went de Union Jack
Up went de bajan flag

See de Broken Trident
Sitting on yellow and blue

Flying in de cool night air
What a splendid view                                                                                  
East Coast Road ,Barbados

Suddenly de sky lit up
With a variety of colour

Announcing Barbados
World’s latest super power

That’s how we felt
Bajans through and through

Don’t get vex wid we
We just have to tell you

This is we nation
Built under God

From de top o’ de hills
Right to de earthly sod

We are a proud people
Of what we have achieved

Thanking God this very night
For what we have received

Meditate upon these words
Follow me as I pray

God bless this country
Every night and every day

With God we’ve come this far
With God we will survive

With God we will endeavour
With God we’ll ever strive

Thank you God for Bim
Save us Lord from all our sin

Stewart Russell © 2012

Stewart Russell is an educator.

Barbados Celebrates its Independence on November 30th. Independence : 30th., November 1966 

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