The Naked Truth

                                                               The Caribbean Is One Nation.

by Michael Headley
Mia Mottley
Chris Sinckler
I don’t know about you guys but this running naked talk is having a positive effect on my mind because I am thinking straight up, not to be phallic.  My imagination and senses have been stirred and I have been standing tall ever since,  with patient expectation, even though a naked runner has not yet come into view. 
One definition of naked, in The American Heritage College dictionary, is being without addition, concealment, disguise or embellishment: the naked facts.  Ouch!  Can you imagine many modern-day politicians with those characteristics?  How  many will be able to stand up to the voter’s scrutiny, God forbid that they were so exposed?  My guess is that there would be great disappointment if politicians thoughts, plans and ambitions were laid bare for public view.  Nakedness would eliminate the need for double talk, tongue-in cheek statements and for making pie in the sky promises.  There would be no doubletalk, no pie in the sky promises and they would be free to tell it like it is without fear of losing their clothes.   
Maybe is not a bad idea to have politicians figuratively run naked.  Some, who have a lot to hide may choose to run naked in the dark while others, who have a lot to offer the country, would want to run in the light.  The voters would be  able to get a better look at their assets and the voters could then determine how well an individual  politician would positioned to stand up to the rigors of governing sensibly and responsibly, thereby  avoiding   the need to make any future apologies. 

Michael Headley is a social commentator  

This article is referencing the comment made by Barbados' Minister of Finance , Chris Sinckler, who said that the only thing left for Opposition Leader Mia Mottley ,to do to get attention , was for her to "strip naked and run down Broad Street". This was Sinckler's response when he was told that Mottley, was going to bring a no confidence motion against him. Many organizations called on Sinckler to apologise but he refused. The no confidence motion was subsequently defeated in parliament.  
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