Twelve Year Old Commits Murder In Barbados

                                                           The Caribbean Is One Nation.
Barbados National Flag.
In Barbados, the murder of a fourteen year old boy by another boy two years his junior, has been met with the expected shock. The Mahogany Coconut Group does not condone crimes against children and we certainly do not condone crimes committed by children.
We are however aware, that children who commit horrendous crimes are usually themselves, victims of what we consider to be a blurred sense of violence. Many children who commit crimes of this nature are themselves in a state of shock.
We are therefore suggesting, that this child be given all the assistance and counseling needed, so that his future years may be spent as a productive member of society. The road to doing so will be long but it is the only road to take, that may bring some positive gain from this unfortunate act.
We therefore extend our profound sympathy to the family on the loss of their precious fourteen year old son. And we extend our hope to the family of their equally precious twelve year old son,that he be given a chance to become a productive member of the society. We find great difficulty in writing off a child who is only twelve years old and whose childhood innocence is now forever gone.

We have lost one son and it behoves us to rescue our other son.
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