POEM : Cricket Lovely Cricket

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Cricket Lovely Cricket

Ah, this national game is such a funny game,
Named after an insect with a peculiar name.
Cricket is a past time played with ball and bat,                         
Out in de hot sun each player wears a hat.                             

Besides bat and ball are two bails and six sticks,
Equally divided and placed at two ends of a pitch.
Batsmen bat in pads and a helmet they might wear,
Plus another unmentionable that constitutes their gear.
Bowlers have to run in while batsmen get run out,
Nine men on de playing field in positions running ‘bout.
Batsmen could be bowled, caught or even stumped
Players shout for LBW if de pads get thumped.

Batsmen bat in pairs since one cannot bat alone,
Running off together the opposite crease their home.
Caught short of their ground is a sure way to depart,
Thrown in ball hits the stumps, another has to start.

Bowlers bowl real fast and others toss up spin,
Batsmen may score hundreds if dey eyes do get in.
Two men control de game umpires they are called
And when someone is out hear de fielders bawl.

“Howszat umpire?  By George he must be out!”
“Sen’ him umpire!” you could hear them shout.
After due consideration de umpire’s finger goes up
And de batsmen goes back bat trailing like a pup.

Sometimes de umpire may appear most unmoved,
Fielders shout again but still don’t get approved.
Insults aimed at de batsman standing in his crease,                  
Umpire cautions de fielders, sledging has to cease.

De bowler takes a walk back to his bowling mark
De batsmen hits the ball clean out o’ de ballpark.
De umpire raises his hands signaling that is six
De bowler can’t believe how de ball en hit de sticks.

Let me tell some strange tings ‘bout de cricket field,
Really funny positions uh know yuh wun believe.
There’s a cover and extra cover, a gully and a slip,
De wicket keeper keeping wicket waiting for a snick.

There’s fine leg, long leg, backward short leg too,
All in catching positions ten players not a few.
Waiting for de batsman to hit de ball in de air,
So they can pouch de catch and he will disappear.           

It’s a long walk to de pavilion but he has to go,               
A wicket at any point interrupts de run flow.
De bowler is real pleased and so too is de fielder
Batsman walks slowly back showing his displeasure.

De ball sometimes has a character all of its own
Bouncing and swinging, probing the right zone.
Testing de batsman whether a rabbit or skilled,
Confusing de batsman and even de bowler at will.

It gets big on de batsman and there’s reverse swing,
Sometimes it even takes off like a bird on the wing.
Other times it will delay or shoot along de pitch
As though under de control of some remote switch.

Often times too de bat does have de upper hand
Hitting de ball over de boundary and up in de stand.
Bowlers blaming de pitch saying it flat and dead,
Fielders in a trance with hands heavy like lead.

But all is not lost for suddenly there is a shout,
Another wicket has fallen another batsman out.
One batsman walks off while another walks in,
Spectators are going wild making much of a din.            

Six is de highest score that can be scored off a ball,
It goes full over the boundary, can’t be caught at all.
Most times there are singles, at times two or three,
Fours may come so fast some call it a run spree.

Bowling is an art, the arm held firm and straight,
Batting is a skill with which good players can relate.
Fielding too is key if a team would win its match,
Runs stopped at every cost, every chance a catch.

There are test matches, ‘T’ Twenties and one-dayers
Providing ample opportunities for many more players.
One game may last five days another one day at a time,
But ‘T’ Twenties forty overs, both teams combined.                   

If you ever get a chance any cricket match to see,
Go ‘long and enjoy yourself even if they charge a fee.
I am sure you’ll love it and then back you’ll go for more,
There’re thrills and spills at cricket, food and fun galore.          

It is a national past time and we does enjoy it fuh so,
When we team en playing well we does still decide to go.
With Sammy at de helm and Rammy behind de wicket
We trusting we boys will play some lovely, lovely cricket.

Stewart Russell © 2012

Stewart Russell is an educator.

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