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The Caribbean Is One Nation.
                                                                                          Hail CXC

Dr. Didacus Jules
From time to time, the Mahogany Coconut Group has been vehement in its criticism of the regions academics and intellectuals. MCG has often considered them as accomplices in the failure to move the region forward and continues to push them to higher levels of productivity, in order to fully create the new Caribbean Nation that we see as the only salvation for our region. At times we are accused of making broad generalizations and reminded that many of our academics are trying their best, in highly politically polarized communities. We rapidly counter that their training and vast intellects should have by now engendered them to overcome such obstacles.
On this occasion, we have to identify the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and its productive and visionary band of intellectual and academics, which since 1972 have been in the forefront of Caribbeanising  our educational system. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that where there is a will there is a way. We posit that if Comrade Fidel Castro of Cuba, can fight off and defend our Caribbean island state against the mighty United States of America for well over a half century, our intellectual workers should not be daunted by the political miscreants , masquerading as leaders in the region.
We therefore welcome the introduction of new subjects on the curriculum of the CXC, at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) level. The subjects are: Tourism, Agricultural Science, Entrepreneurship, Performing Arts and Physical Education. The first examinations in these new subject areas will be in September 2015. We are also impressed with the roll out or launch of the new programs. Tourism will be launched in Barbados; Agricultural Science in Guyana; Entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago; Performing arts in St.Lucia and Physical education in Jamaica. The connections are obvious for those who take a serious interest in our region and how individual state economies work.
MCG has argued for the last decade, that there can be no real restructuring of our regional economies without concomitant reform of our educational system. We are constantly reminding the political management class that their addiction to colonial thinking is hampering real regional development. CXC is therefore proving that with proper leadership and the absence of silly and often puerile interventions by self serving politicians ,we can achieve our goals of sustainable development.
However, this is a triumph for all those who have ever worked or in any way participated in the growth of the CXC. This is an example that from the gardener to the PhD, we are all needed to make the region work. We therefore salute all the workers of the Caribbean examination Council.

It is with this great news that we wish Dr. Didacus Jules, who has led the institution since April 2008,  all the best in his future endeavors as he exits the organization. Without hesitation we inform Dr. Jules and the entire CXC work force, past and present, that their legacies as true Caribbean patriots are more than assured. 
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