Maya Angelou: A Credit To The World

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                                                            Maya Angelou: A Credit To The World

Maya Angelou
The Mahogany Coconut Group joins all freedom loving people throughout the Caribbean, in extending our profound condolences to the family of Maya Angelou, who died on Wednesday. We are in awe of this wonderful woman and sister, who overcame many personal struggles and emerged as a champion of the oppressed and a beacon of all that is decent in human beings.
We note her many struggles and can only conclude that they would have easily destroyed a lesser human being. Of course, Maya Angelou would have never claimed to be any greater than any other living soul, but we must differ and boldly state that she was indeed greater than many of us could ever hope to be. Again, she would have perhaps dismissed our position, but we believe that credit must be given where it is due and, she without any trace of doubt earned such greatness and lionization.
Raped at the age of seven, she turned inward and remained voiceless for six long years because she believed that her voice had caused the subsequent murder of the predator. However, when she emerged from this self imposed silence, her voice was used to lift us all up, and those, whose fortune it has been to hear her speak or read her books are grateful, that the exile of her voice was only temporary.  Her internal fortitude to live such a fulfilling and caring life, after sexual abuse (rape) must bring hope to all those little girls in the Caribbean, who have suffered and unfortunately will suffer such fate. It is a common fact that abuse remains a lifetime companion to all those who suffer such a debilitating experience.
Her work in the civil rights movement with Dr. Martin Luther King; devotion to equality for all and her efforts to make us understand that we are all one creation, will never be forgotten. Maya Angelou is by far one of the most influential women of this century and one who has left a legacy of encouragement and hope for those who occasionally find difficulty making their way through the many “changing scenes of life”.
She always maintained that there can be no change without having the courage of our convictions. Maya Angelou, displayed great courage throughout her life and for such bravery she became an inspiration to her race, her country and the entire world.

Kindly hit the link below to hear Maya Angelou and Ashford and Simpson perform" Been Found".

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