Time To Fully Embrace Our Gay Community

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

                                                      Time To Fully Embrace Our Gay Community

Dr. brendan Bain
The decision to sack of the University of the West Indies Professor Brendan Bain brings into sharp focus, the powerful lobbying ability of the gay movement within the region. The firing of the highly respected professor was the result of expert testimony he gave in a case concerning gay/human rights in Belize. He testified that in his opinion MSM (Men who have sex with men) are at greater risk of spreading the HIV and listed the negative economic  and health effects of such. Many gay organizations within the region viewed his position as discriminatory against the gay community, taking into consideration that he has a high profile position in the fight for and dissemination of information regarding the AIDS virus.
The MCG, (Mahogany Coconut Group)from its inception, has defended and continues to defend the rights of homosexuals to enjoy all privileges enjoyed by the heterosexual community. Quite frankly, we believe that the current divorce rate and malfunctioning within the heterosexual community, give it no real moral authority to lecture the gay community on relationships, marriage and adoptions. Furthermore, we have always deemed it very hypocritical that one group can enjoy their existence and try to deny another group the right to enjoy their lifestyle preferences. We see the entire gay debate as a simple human rights issue.
However, we are not unaware that the gay community has evolved into a very powerful group and has fought very hard for the rights that they correctly believe are theirs. What the sacking of the goodly professor demonstrates is that the Caribbean cannot continue to avoid the entire gay issue, and must now realize ,that the gay community is just as vigilant in protecting and defending its rights, here in the region as it is worldwide.
We are quite aware that some justifiably believe that the gay community is pushing an agenda that is designed to make the entire world  gay. We do not subscribe to such alarmist thinking. However, as much as we support the gay community, we must urge them to remember that their hard fought victories would not have been possible without their supporters within the heterosexual community. It was Martin Luther King and later Nelson Mandela, who strongly advised, that the oppressed was to guard against becoming the oppressor. 
As the gay movement in the Caribbean becomes more established, embraced and active, the leaders in the region must understand that it is time to fully accept the gay community and give it all the rights of the heterosexual community. The dismissal of the eminent Dr. Bain should therefore mean that regional governments, the church and civil society can no longer ignore the homosexual community.  It is high time that we collectively embrace our LGBT community and remove ourselves from the religious fanaticism that continues to impede enlightened progress on this and other pertinent social and human rights issues.

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