Murder of Dana Seetahal: The face of Trinidad Changes

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                                                                  Murder of Dana Seetahal: The face of Trinidad Changes

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The brutal murder of prominent Senior Counsel, Dan Seetahal, has perhaps changed the face of Trinidad and Tobago. Let us hope, it is not forever.

According to police authorities, in the twin island state, the murder has all the fingerprints of a well executed hit. It hits MCG even more because she was a fearless commentator on social and other issues, as a columnist with the Trinidad Express newspaper. It is therefore a loss to independent-minded journalist throughout the region.
In the Caribbean, the murdering of jurists and those involved in bringing the criminal element to justice, is not an everyday occurrence. We believe it is the first murder of its kind and we can only hope that there are no copy cats or other criminals, contemplating such brutality. Even if this is a one of a kind atrocity, we are clear in our minds that it is one too many.
Our beloved Trinidad and Tobago has been slipping into a very dark place for the better part of a decade. There is way too much crime and the attendant social and moral decay. The society has been bombarded with: too many vicious crimes, kidnappings and violence toward children, women and the elderly. Unfortunately, we have to suggest that many of these crimes are carried out by young people, who seem to have developed an unhealthy and unfortunate disregard for human life, including their own.
While we tremble at the murder of Dana Seetahal, we must not allow her death to be in vain and the law enforcement arm must move swiftly to bring all those involved to quick and certain justice for robbing the region of an outstanding citizen. It is high time that Trinidadians, who always have a ready smile, realize that acts such as these may very well wipe the smile off their faces forever.
Knowing the legendary Trinidadian personality, we strongly believe that this will not be the case. We hope we are right.

We at Mahogany Coconut were quite aware of Dana Seetahal, columns in the Trinidad Express and we carried one of her articles as recently as March 14 2014.

Kindly hit link for the last article we carried by Dana Seetahal
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