Welcome Captain Ramdin

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                                                              Welcome Captain Ramdin

Denesh Ramdin
We extend sincere best wishes to Denesh Ramdin, the new captain of the West Indies test team. We also thank outgoing skipper Darren Sammy, who has announced his retirement from test cricket. We are happy that he will continue to play the popular, shorter version of the game, the T20, for our regional side. While others have condemned Sammy and have justifiably argued that his cricketing skills at the test level were less than stellar, we at Mahogany Coconut identified Sammy, as a good leader and highlighted him in our 2012 Citizens of Note.
As for Ramdin, we opine that he will have great difficulty in performing below those who have captained the team in recent times. He can find some ironic comfort that the great Brian Lara did not distinguish himself as a captain and even the great Sir Garfield Sobers, was considered below average as skipper. Ramdin’s goals should be to emulate Clive Lloyd and Sir Vivian Richards in order to prove himself as worthy of the most prestigious job in the region.
Ramdin’s place in the side is guaranteed and unlike Sammy, he is of no bother to the selectors. His wicket keeping skills are well known and he is no rabbit with the bat. He has been exposed to early leadership tasks in his native Trinidad and seems to possess that unique Caribbean flair for the game. From all reports, he seems to have a good rapport with his team mates and this should make the transition from worker to manager (captain) rather smooth.
The Caribbean needs another shot of cricket supremacy in order to remove the clouds of uncertainty that now hang over the region. While Usain Bolt and the Jamaican outstanding cast of world athletes bring the region much joy and recognition, we must admit they do not emit the feeling of utter and sustained joy that cricket supremacy brings to the region. We are tied to religion and cricket; for almost twenty years our cricketers have been missing in action and we are almost at the bottom in the ICC test ratings. We have suffered long and the weight of mediocrity and defeat has almost killed our great cricketing spirit.

It is against this background and the attendant melancholy that Mr. Ramdin enters as the real Chief of the Region, and all we can do is hope and perhaps go down on our knees and beg the cricketing gods, to guide him and the team to heights we reached before. Failure will perhaps kill us all. It falls to Ramdin to take us off the cricket life support system that will not survive any more power failures. Good Luck Skipper. Once more we rally around the West Indies.
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