Caribbean Note Book

                                                        Caribbean Note Book
Caribbean Flags

St. Lucia, Dominica and St. Vincent: are still in recovery mode and rebuilding mode, after the heavy rains they experienced , during the Christmas period. we remind our brothers and sisters , to continue to assist , our brothers and sisters in these Caribbean Nation islands. We are certain that children returning to school after the Christmas holidays would still need school supplies and other assistance

                                 Haiti: It has been four years , since the devastating earthquake that claimed over 250,000 lives and left damages of $USD 14 billion. Haiti is now preparing to have elections in 2014.
We continue to be inspired by the resilience of the great Haitian people.

                                Trinidad and Tobago: Crime continues to be the major headache for the government. Witnesses to murders and other serious crimes are being themselves murdered, so that they cannot testify.

                                  St.Kitts: Statistics show this small Caribbean Nation island has the highest  crime rate regarding the number of murders in proportion to its population.


                                 Guyana : Continues to develop its mineral industries. Guyana is now a major world producer of gold. Once it cleans up its political act, Guyana has all the resources to be a great benefactor for the New Caribbean Nation.
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