The Military Invasion of Mecca

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The Military Invasion of Mecca
by Pachamama
Mecca Pilgrimage
….For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile ……
(William Shakespeare)
As part of the spoils of war and since the end of World War Two, the Saudis of Arabia have come under the military umbrella of a currently declining American Empire. In return for the protection of the kleptocratic satrapy, the Saudis were to provide Western oil companies with exclusive access to an abundance of petroleum resources and the vast royalties from this exploitation were to be largely reinvested into the economies of Western countries, effectively handing over ‘American’s oil’ under the sands of Arabia to the fit and proper owners, as ordained by the Christian God, himself. This gave us the ‘petro-dollar’ economy. Harry Truman led what was to become a line of presidents of the USA to, at first, protect the Saudis, from what they called ‘Soviet influence’. Since then the insidious relationships between the ‘House of Saud’ and the Americans was not unlike that of a pimp to a whore. So when America wants to fund, say, its Afghan guerrilla war against a USSR presence, the Saudis could provide off-the-books financing to avoid the Congressional approval process. When the USA wants to have a proxy war, say in Syria, the Saudis could be counted upon to bankroll this illegality - need we go on? Yes! This goose will be coming home to roost soon, a ‘la Iraq. 

The beginning of the 21st century sees the Saudis emerge as the clear and undisputed centre of global terrorism. Anywhere in the world where terrorism is unremitting you can be sure to find the ubiquitous hand of the Saudis as the chief paymasters and philosophical anchor. The arms supplier. The brutal killer of Muslims of all currents. The killer of innocent people. The patsies and plotters for high profile national security events. On 9/11 it was said that as many as 15 of the 19 ‘hijackers’ were Saudis. This could not have been a mere accident of history. It is well known in diplomatic and intelligence circles that Saudi Arabia sponsors the Sunnis Baathists in Iraq for a number of reasons. These include, to prevent a majority Shiite country from establishing a ‘democracy’ while tilting the balance of power in the region away from the Western sponsored oil monarchies. We know well that the Saudis preferred outcome in Iraq, in the absence of another Saddam like figure, was for Iraq to be partitioned thus rendering it impotent in playing its historic role. So the Saudis sponsored Baathist elements are receiving oodles of Saudi money to create bedlam in the country, more than three years after the withdrawal of the western invaders. Need we say that the posture of the Saudis is diametrically opposed to the stated aims and objectives of the Americans themselves and their ‘coalition of the willing’?  This counter narrative is supposedly against the story we have heard for more than 10 years. So the Americans  appear, at some levels, in locked-step with the Wahhabi extremists in Riyadh.and Mecca.   

The appearance of a schism between the Saudis and the Americans is said to relate to a number of issues for which these glorified ‘gas stations’ believe the Americans have balked at the prospect of engaging in another war in Syria and American led western attempts to find a negotiated settlement to the so-called nuclear issue with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Saudis, after decades of prostituting themselves to Empire, believe western countries are on the brink of dissing previous understandings with a bankrupt, backward, bloody and ruthless set of oil monarchies in an attempt to engage Iran hoping to open up Central Asia for western expansionism - a more tempting prize and as it tries to further surround China. Like a scorned women the fiefdoms in the Persian Gulf have finally come to recognize that the Americans see another, more attractive, former lover next door whose attentions, exiting President, Barrack Obama, wants to attract. In a tantrum, the jilted Saudis and Gulf-Arab mendicants have sought, unofficially, to find common cause with the number one enemies of all Muslims, the Zionists. These traitors to their own people now have nowhere to go and must give way to Obama’s attempt for this most important foreign policy “victory” – his legacy?     

The Saudis, under US cover, were able to illegally invade Bahrain, subverting a popular revolution by a Shia majority ruled over by a minority Sunni court established by the wicked British. These are the kinds of contradictions the over-fed, vicious and puerile dependents in the Persian Gulf have come to expect from western powers and the US in particular. The Saudis have invaded Bahrain and are killing Shias daily to prop up a regime whose prime minister has been in office for more than 50 years. A ruling elite established by the pernicious British that has been in power for more than 200 years. An outpost for American military domination of the region in the name of its oil and gas companies and for control of the global spigot. All of this is fine and dandy to the West. There are our dictators and this makes them better than other dictators.  

In more recent times the Saudis have increasing employed the wealth of Arabia to support malicious arms trade and a bankrupt foreign policy. Over the past few day they have offer 3 billion dollars of arms to the government of Lebanon. This is intended to (1) buy the political and diplomatic leverage of France (2) to interfere with the March 8 – March 14 balance of power in Lebanon (3) use the leverage of 3 billion dollars of French weapons over the Lebanese army to threaten Syrian and Russian interest there (4) threaten the Resistance Axis of Hezbollah (5) create sectarian strife in Lebanon and (6) protect the wickedly great regime in Tel Aviv. We are surprised that the Lebanese President Suleiman, has come to this. Politics keep making stranger and stranger bedfellows.   

As if all these atrocities by the seat of power of all of Islam were not enough the Saudis have just come up with the unmitigated gall to bomb Volgograd, Russia. Like an ignorant drunken mob they also had the temerity to twice threatened President Putin that they will turn their Chechnyan, Takfiri, Al Qaeda fanatics on Russia in an aim to harm its prestige by tainting the Sochi Winter Olympics starting in February 2014. So Saudi sponsored terrorists have bombed two civilian installations in Russia. Putin is on record as instructing the Russian military to bomb Riyadh if there were any attacks on Russian. He recently repeated his orders to the military and the FSB.  

All this is happening when its main sponsor is retreating from the region, losing its global hyper power status and riddled with up to 210 trillion in unrepayable debt. Even the Americans  are losing their appetite for allowing their military to be used to service the delusions of these mad men of Mecca. This Obama appearance of distancing from the Saudis and more generally the region may result in a ‘coalition of the willing’, which could include both the USA, Russia and Iran ‘cutting off the head of the snake’ of global terrorism in Mecca-Riyadh. For the collapse of the initiative to make a generalized war on the government of Syria has not led to a diminution in Saudi support for terrorists from 100 countries, mostly paid for by the Saudis.   

It has been clear to observers, for decades, that the Saudis are the main tool in the hands of Western governments, especially the USA and Israel, in the construction and maintenance of what we now call a modern global terrorist network. The decline of American global power, the rise of China and what His Eminence Ayatollah Seyyed Khamenei first called ‘The Islamic Awakening’ have served to change the balance of power in the region and the world. The fear of this emerging dispensation appears to have presented the feudal monarchies of the Persian Gulf with little choice but fight or flight, for there can never, in their minds, be a truly democratic outcome for the peoples of the Ummah. Right now there are fighting a host of internecine or proxy wars in the Islamic World but global and Muslim attitudes towards the Saudis have long been changing. Their flight from the Holy City of Mecca shall be most unlike that of the Holy Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH). 

Pachamama is a social commentator.  

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