Identical Twins(BLP/DLP) Killing Barbados

                       Identical Twins(BLP/DLP) killing Barbados

Barbados Coat Of Arms
Readers and bloggers would note that many of our contributions, over the past few weeks, have been focused on the island of Barbados. The Mahogany Coconut Group will occasionally zoom in on any Caribbean Nation island that is suffering social and economic convulsions. We have, in the past , focused on Trinidad and Tobago, when we realized that it was necessary to expose a galloping corrupt political ruling class and the actions of dishonest , bold faced political deviants, who in our opinion,had no right in public office.
 The MCG is not surprised by the political skulduggery and failure of economic policies now enveloping the BLP/DLP collective. We have long determined that these two parties are identical twins! We note that the pathetic apologists for these political juggernauts continue to fool themselves that Barbados’ future will be best served by BLP/DLP. We wish them the best of luck.
However, we strongly believe that it is only a matter of time, before they implode, leaving nothing but mayhem to be cleaned up by those, whom we contend, will rise up, to give Barbados hope. Barbados, like several Caribbean Nation islands, is suffering from an acute shortage of visionary leadership in both its public and private sectors.  While the hypocritical private sector accuses the public servants of being non-productive, we are aware that the highest levels of non-productivity are to be found in its private sector and the same players who have historically held the keys  to the kingdom, are dictating and sometimes sabotaging the economy by their corporate mendicancy and failure to be innovative.

For many decades, Barbadians have been living above their means, encouraged by political largess, which permeates all sectors and economic groups. Quasi-government agencies have been used as employment agencies for party faithfuls. While we empathize  with those working for less than $BDS 300.per week($USD  150), we find it very difficult to sympathize with those, who have used the political system and their name recognition, to advance their family and friends , thereby essentially wrecking any chance of those at the bottom , from enjoying any real social and or economic upward mobility. While we wish Barbados well, we are also realistic and must state that once BLP/DLP continues in office, progressive changes would not visit this wonderful island any time soon.
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